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Mozzarella Bufala Dop, an entrepreneur convicted of attempting fraud


Owner a dairy and breeding Caserta, Paolo Marrandino, was sentenced to eight months in prison [VIDEO]due to attempted fraud by the Santa Maria Capua Vetera court. Instead, nephew Pascuala was 32 years old, veterinarian Andrea Russo of 60 years old and his 33-year-old son of the last: Carmina. Four men they would manage a vaccine that is prohibited by law to buffalo in the post-partum period, which pollute the milk they produce and endanger health consumers.

Incident in 2014: The four would contaminate the milk of the buffalo

In December 2014, a story about the cultivation of Casertan owned by Paolo Marrandine, which would, with the help of his son, veterinarian and his son, cause a scandal. vaccine against brucellosis to the buffaloes they just gave birth to.

This procedure, prohibited by law, would provoke [VIDEO]milk pollution produced by the buffalo themselves, and therefore products made from buffalo milk, such as the famous mozzarella. The research is open Prosecutor Santa Maria Capua Vetera he placed four defendants in house arrest. While the epilogue did not happen in these classes.

The prosecution assumed criminal association for the purpose of commercial fraud

The Marrandino family lawyer pointed out that there is no scientific evidence of the negative incidence of brucellosis in humans. Next, the bacteria in question it is not able to overcome the pasteurization phase, to take into account in detail the assistant prosecutor of Santa Maria Capua Vetera, who was in charge at the time of the event, Raffaella Capasso.

But all this was not enough to avoid a real campaign against dairy products. In the meantime, the Prosecution has presumed the crime of criminal association and stolen goods, for which they are all exempt. Paolo Marrandino was sentenced to eight years in prison for attempting commercial fraud.

The whole farm is taken away

The risk of brucellosis was taken into account with great care, so that he initiated the seizure of Marandino two years ago and two thousand heads of buffalo. Finally, the analyzes highlighted the real scope of the situation: only 5 heads were found that suffered from brucellosis; everyone else was healthy.

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