Sunday , October 2 2022

Neuromed, unjustified alarms against moderate alcohol consumption


Rome, November 16 (AdnKronos Health) – The concept that alcohol consumption, even at moderate doses, remains detrimental to health "is not reflected in the analysis of in-depth scientific data without prejudice." This was written in a letter published by Lancet magazine, Giovanni de Gaetano, Director of the Department of Epidemiology and Prevention Ircs Neuromed of Pozzilla (Isernia), Simoni Kostanzo, a researcher of the same department, and Arne Astrup, a professor at the University of Copenhagen.

Experts respond to a study published in the same magazine, according to which the maximum level of alcohol consumption is significantly reduced compared to what is currently proposed (about two glasses of wine per day), which leads to a safety restriction of less than one glass per day. "In fact – they notice – that study interpreted the media as an alarm that the only healthy choice could be the complete elimination of alcohol from their habits."

"The study we have answered," explains de Gaetano, "has a special trait that, in our opinion, influences its conclusions: in comparing health status at different levels of alcohol consumption, the researchers are in fact completely excluded. In this way they have received a chart showing how the risk Different illnesses increase in very small amounts of consumed alcohol, but this is an unjustified choice. When we introduce abstinence in the data analysis, we actually see that those who consume alcohol in moderation pose a reduced risk of disease compared to those who do not drink at all. Naturally, remember – as we know, in larger doses, this risk reduction is lost and, indeed, we are increasing. "

On the basis of this, three authors of the letter conclude that published research does not prioritize any existing scientific knowledge. "We were extremely surprised that those who were not chickens were eliminated from the analysis, without valid scientific justifications," adds Astrup. The exact interpretation of the data therefore confirms that moderate consumption of alcohol is associated with a lower risk of illness, not only in relation to cardiovascular disease, but also on total mortality, "the expert concludes.

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