Tuesday , May 17 2022

Not for Italian films on Netflik and in the modern room, Minister Bonisoli: "First, the cinema, then the streaming"


Minister of Cultural Heritage, Alberto Bonisoli, intervenes on the controversy that divides operators and gigante streams into flame distribution. "Today I will sign a regulation that regulates the windows according to which the films will first be distributed in cinemas and then on all platforms. I think it is important to ensure that those who manage to stay calm are able to program movies without them being available simultaneously on other platforms, he said in a video message sent to the presentation of the Agis / Iulm research "Cultural spaces and entertainment events: an important influence on the local economy".

This is a concrete intervention by the Minister on a matter that divides traders and platforms, especially Netflik, who would like to go into the hall simultaneously with streaming.

The controversy passed through the last Cannes festival, where director Fremauk took Netflik's titles out of the competition because there was no window between the exit in the hall and the streaming (a very long window, which is provided for in French legislation). The position of Alberto Barbere, who hosted the films that competed in Venice and whose winner was different Rome Alfonso Cuarnun, manufactured by Netflik and programmed to go out and in progress, which can not happen at the same time.

The decree mentioning the minister is the application of the cinema law 220 of 2016. So far in Italy, windows are regulated, as in Germany, not through a written rule, but practice, widely respected: 105 days was the time period reserved for programming in the room, starting from the first review. The rule is confirmed by the decree: it is planned for 105 days for audiovisual work to be accepted in favor of the law recognized by cinematographic works. But conditions are reduced to ten days if the work is scheduled for three days (or less) on business days, excluding Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sixty days, if the work is scheduled for at least eighty screens and after the first twenty days of the program, it has received a number of viewers less than 50 thousand. Reduction is permitted only if during the planning period the activities of launching and promoting the subsequent availability of works through the suppliers of audiovisual media services have not been carried out.

Clearly, therefore, there is no simultaneous release of the film, for example at Netflik, and at the same time, and that Netflik is not difficult to get into the room without publishing access to the streaming film.

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Mario Calabresi
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