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On July 18, only Santuccio remains with the sword, Navarria also eliminated. Sixteen rounds – OA Sport


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1-2 Two consecutive times for Gemesi who takes the initiative.

1-0 Let's start with the first time on Montano's goal!

13.04 Minutes of waiting for a small technical problem at the time before the appearance of Aldo Montano.

13.01 Strong blow at the end of the scoreboard, with the elimination of Olympic champion Aron Szilagyi by the Japanese Yoshida in the 16th round.

13.00 The meeting between Montano and Gemesi is being launched, with the winner of this challenge that will face number 1 of the Dershwitz world ranking in eighth place.

12.55: Attack by Aldo Montano against owner Csanad Gemesi is expected soon.

12.44: Appointment from 1:00 pm with the attacks of blue sabers.
Montano (ITA) – Gemesi (Hun) 1:00 p.m.
Berrè (ITA) – Dolniceanu (Rou) at 13.20
Samele (ITA) – Danilenko (Rus) at 13.20
Curatoli (ITA) – (Rahbari (Iri) – Yilidirim (Tur)) 13: 40h

12.39: Unfortunately, Mara Navarria is eliminated. The final success of Alexandra Ndolo, which closes the 15-14 aggression. The current champion leaves the sixteenth round. All that remains for Italy is Alberta Sanuccio, who will face the Brazilian (also former Italian), Nathalie Moellhausen (9:10 p.m.).

14-14 Touch Ndolo. Everything is decided at last. 50 seconds at the end.


13-13 Another double success. Let's play everything now.

12-12 Still double shot.

11-11 Draw of Ndolo.

11-10 double strike. It's good for the blues.

We go to the third period with Navarria ahead of a single blow.

10-9 Another double success.

9-7 double strike.

8-6 Again in Friuli. Nice reaction after a tough start.

7-6 Navarria takes the initiative.

6-6 Great start of the second round of Navarria, who tied.

5-6 Return to Mara Navarria.

3-5. Storage in Navarria.

2-5 The German reaches +3.

2-4 Twice followed by German.

2-2 Parity at the beginning of the assault.

12.23: The assault between Navarria and Ndolo has begun.

12.19: Luxembourg Rottler-Fautsch wins with just one push (14-13). Very soon the attack of Mara Navarria.

12.10: Mara Navarria's assault will begin a moment later, because the challenge between the Rottler-Fautsch of Luxembourg and the French Mallo ends on the same platform. The winner could face Navarria in the second round.

11.47: Waiting for the Mara Navarria assault, which at 12.10 will face the German Alexandra Ndolo.

11.30 am: Vince Alberta Santuccio! 15-12 at American Hurley.

14-12 Storage of Sanuccio.

13-12 Attention! The return of Hurley.

13-9 Santuccio keeps +4 and approaches the eighth.

10-7 Santuccio has a good advantage.

9-5 Bravissima Alberta Santuccio.

8-5 Width is at +3.

6-4 Another shot against Santuccio.

5-4 Again, Alberta Sanuccio.

4-4 Hurley draws.

4-3 Italian takes the initiative.

3-3 Draw on Santuccio.

2-3 Shortening Santuccio.

1-3 Advantage of two successes for the American.

0-2 Immediately under the Sicilian.

11.03: We go back to the female sword for the assaults of the sixteen rounds of the final. Alberta Santuccio faces North American Courtney Hurley (11.10), while Mara Navarria will face German Alexandra Ndolo (12.10).

11.00: The fourth of the blue swordsmen also goes round. Luca Curatoli defeated the British Miller for 15-7.

12-7 Stretching Curators.

10-6 Shortens Miller, but blue is always ahead.

8-3 Luca Curatoli clearly ahead.

10.53: 6-3 for the blue one.

10.50: The assault between Luca Curatoli and British Miller began.

10.49: Luigi Samele wins! Victory for 15-13 against Nguyen Vietnamese.

10.48: 14-13. You need an eye out

10.47: 14-12 for blue.

10.46: 11-11 between Samele and Nguyen.

10.43: 10-8 for Samele.

10.41: Vince Enrico Berrè. The Romans defeat the Germanman Huebner-Fehrer by 15-10.

10.40: 13-9 for Berrè, while Samele is ahead 8-7.

10.39: New extension of Berrè (11-8). 7-7 between Samele and Nguyen.

10.38: Huebner shortens the distance (8-7), even the risk of Samele (the next 6-5).

10.37: 8-6 for Berrè. Samele has a 5-2 lead with Nguyen.

10.35: Berrè is 6-4, while Samele is 2-1.

10.33 3-3 The Berr accounts are immediately deleted

10.32: 3-1 Another German impulse.

10.31: 2-1 for Huebner.

10.30: Enrico Berrè and Luigi Samele are on stage for their assault on the seventh place, respectively, against the German Huebner and the Vietnamese Nguyen.

10.27 WINNESOME! Big veteran assault, which surpasses Canadian Joseph Polossifakis 15-13 and goes to the sixteenth, where he will face the Hungarian Csanad Gemesi.

13-14 Still Montano !!

13-13 Montano immediately.

12-13 Advantage of Polossifakis.

12-12 Two hits from Canadian, who equalized.

12-10 Attack of Polossifakis, which does not surrender.

11-8 Respond with the same Canadian.

11-6 Two punctures for the blue.

9-6 Polossifakis reaction.

9-4 Blue action after the video query.

8-4 Two consecutive times for Montano.

6-3 Begin and respond to Polossifakis.

6-3 Another blue shot.

5-3 Attack of Montano.

3-3 Canadians still respond.

3-2 Montano parade and response.

2-2 Again the parity.

Blue 2-1 brings the advantage.

1-1 Montano tie

0-1 First stop for the Canadian.

10.15 The assault begins between Aldo Montano and the Canadian Joseph Polossifakis.

10.13 French Bolade Apithy, number eight in the ranking, was eliminated by surprise, defeated in the last jab by Kazakh Ilya Mokretcov.

10.10 a net victory also for the Russian Kamil Ibragimov, who overwhelms the Ukrainian Yuriy Tsap 15-5.

10.06 Debut without problems for the number one of the ranking, Eli Dershwitz, who surpasses the Singapore athlete, Choy Yu Yong, 15-7.

10.00 The first blue to be stepped on will be Aldo Montano, who in 15 minutes will face the Canadian's Joseph Polossifakis, number 32 of the ranking.

9.55 All the aggressions of the first round of the female sword are over, soon the male sabers will begin.

9.52 In the 16th round, Navarria will face the German Alexandra Ndolo, number 42 of the ranking and bronze to Europeans, who beat Ukraine Dzhoan Feybi Bezhura 15-7.

9.45 The current European champion Coraline Vitalis only gets to the last (15-14) to overcome the Venezuelan María Martínez.

9.40 WIN NAVARRIA !!! Absolutely dominated by the blue assault, which begins the path towards the defense of the title and overwhelms the Thai Kanyapat Meechai 15-3.

9.38 The blue class is out, which now dominates the assault and flies in 10-3.

9.35 The first game ends in 5-3 in favor of the blue.

9.30 After this great disappointment, the current champion, Mara Navarria, who faces the surprising Thai Kanyapat Meechai, who takes the qualifications from number 532 of the ranking, arrives at the stage.

9.28 eliminated Rossella Fiamingo. Really sensational result. The world champion is defeated in the first round in the extra minute for 12-11 by the Cuban 41, Yamika Rodríguez-Quesada, number 274 of the ranking.

9.27 Go to the additional minute. 11-11, priority for Fiamingo.

9.26 10-10 to 30 "from the end.

9.23 Another investment of the front, 8-7 for the Cuban.

9.23 Italian takes the lead from 7-6.

9.21 Fiamingo is also behind in the second round, 6-5 for the Cuban.

9.19 The reaction of the blue arrives, which finds the draw in 5-5.

9.15 The first round closes with Fiamingo below 4-1.

9.13 Negative start for the blue one, the first three times are from the Cuban.

9.10 The assault begins between Fiamingo and Rodríguez-Quesada.

9.06 First as an opponent then at your fingertips, then the card could have three more difficult athletes to overcome, so that the Chinese Lin Sheng, South Korean Choi Injeong and Chinese Sun Yiwen.

9.02 In this world champion, Fiamingo wants to be among the best in the world, as it has already been twice the world champion twice, Kazan 2014 and Moscow 2015.

8.58 In ten minutes, Rossella Fiamingo will face 41-year-old Cuban Yamika Rodríguez-Quesada, number 274 in the ranking.

8.52 All the first classified teams progress without problems: Romanian Ana Maria Popescu, Chinese Sun Yiwen and the Hong Kong athlete, Kong Man Wai Vivian.

8.48 SANTUCCIO WINS !! The match was difficult, but the Italian made his debut, surpassing Polish Ewa Trzebinska 13-9 and going to the second round, where they will face North American Courtney Hurley, number seven in the ranking.

8.45 Santuccio maintains a great advantage and reaches 9-5 a minute from the end.

8.40 So far a great assault for Santuccio, but Trzebinska does not surrender. Italian finishes second round 7-4 ahead.

8.36 The first game ends in 4-1 for Santuccio.

8.33 After a one-minute study phase, it's the Italian who puts the first punch.

8.31 Start the assault!

8.29 The first Azzurri to climb to the stage is Alberta Sanuccio, who in a few minutes will face the Polish Ewa Trzebinska. A difficult opponent, silver for the 2017 World Cup and bronze in the last Championships of Europe.

8.26 Later, it will be the turn of the Spadisti and, in this case, we will see in action the four blues introduced: Enrico Berrè, Luca Curatoli, Aldo Montano, Luigi Samele.

8.23 The program will open with the assaults of the female sword's main board, with three blue ones in the race: Rossella Fiamingo, Mara Navarria and Alberta Santuccio.

8.21 The first individual medals of this world champion, the female sword and the male saber will be awarded today.

8.20 Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE for the fourth day of the Fencing World Championship of 2019.

Global fencing program of this day: X-ray team from Italy

Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the fourth day of the 2019 fencing world championships.. On the platforms of the Syma Center in Budapest (Hungary), after the preliminary stages, the first individual medals of this world championship will be delivered, today on the female sword and male saber. We are waiting for a day full of great emotions, remembering that, in addition to the titles, there will also be points in play for the classification for the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020.

In the female sword, the protagonist will be Mara Navarria, who dreams of the bis after the gold of Wuxi. The current number one of the ranking has not yet won this season, but will try to find great interest in this World Cup. In the race, we will see the champion of the world with two champions, Rossella Fiamingo, ready to return to leadership at the highest levels, and Alberta Santuccio, who will try to repeat the excellent performance of Europeans.

In the male saber, the best hopes will be Luca Curatoli and Enrico Berrè, who will start amongst the strangers and they will be able to reach the medal area. They both return from a good season and will try to devote themselves to this world championship. Together with them at the stage, also Luigi Samele and veteran Aldo Montano, who will try to exploit his great experience to make a good tournament.

OA Sport offers LIVE LIVE for the fourth day of the 2019 fencing world championships.: real-time news and constant updates so as not to miss out on this event. Appointment at 8:30. Have fun!

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Photo: Bizim Federscherma

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