Monday , May 23 2022

One Ioutuber asks a lunch for a lunch break


Love in the days of video games. Fortunately, after an unlucky marriage proposal hidden in Spider-Man, it's much better for the popular Ioutuber GrumbleGamer 18, who would ask his girlfriend Bree to marry the excuse to give up the special edition of Fallout 76.

Thanks to the help of Bethesda Softworks, who is aware of the romantic intentions of the teuber, Grumble has managed to make an ad hoc wedding suggestion, also supported by the community manager's assistant, who also included a romantic poster in the box for unpacking within the boy Vault who receives a kiss from Vault Girl. As Viber says: "Bree and I have recorded video clips on their YouTube channel for the last two and a half years, and I could never do it. When she is with me, all the words I have to say, whatever you think is normal I would not say from the fear of error comes naturally for me, we are perfectly united in front of the cameras and I realized that I should have used this opportunity. "

Here you can see the video. Oh, yes, fortunately, this went well!

Fallout 76

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