Wednesday , December 8 2021

Palermo, after criticizing Di Maio M5S, removes Forello: "I was cleaned up"


Just yesterday, with comments on the Internet, and then with an interview with Repubblica.It, Ugo Forello criticized Di Maio for his criminal offenses for journalists. A few hours later, the leader of the M5S group in the City Council of Palermo released his position. With respect to the site of the movement, municipal and district advisors announce the appointment of the new president of the group Antonin Randazz and "thanks to Advisor Ugou Forel for his work".



Ugo Forello, dissident M5s: "Who has institutional roles should not attack journalists"

The remarks mention "the rotation already envisaged at the beginning of a consulate that will be formalized tomorrow." However, the link between this sudden decision and the critical attitude towards the government and M5S leader expressed by the former candidate for the mayor is immediate.

And Forello does not actually send them to say: "I knew that I was no longer a leader reading Facebook I do not know if it was a meeting and who participated. Rotation? If said, that's true, but we never went into detail about the weather and It was obvious, for all, that I would remain at the helm of the group at least to vote on the budget, which is normal, but what are we talking about? torpedoed – the dark age of our history Yes, it was cleaning,

Ugo Forello, lawyer, was one of the founders of Addiopizzo. He joined the movement in 2016, and in the midst of fake signatures he won a truce for the mayor's candidacy that fled Igor Gelard (now crossed into the League). In the race for the Palazzo delle Akuile ​​in June 2017, he was the third behind Leoluke Orlando and Fabrizio Ferrandelli: he was still the loudest candidate for the city council and was elected as the leader of the M5S. In recent months, Forello has criticized the immigration policies of the government, attacking Vice President Ars Giancarla Cancelleria, who supported the closed-door initiative. Last week, he voted in favor of a left-wing proposal in the city council, which called for a suspension of the decree on security.

The new leader, Randazzo, says he is "surprised" by Forel's reaction, saying it was "a familiar change". However, the former candidate for the mayor returned the dose. Speaking of the "carbon" meeting held "without the participation of the current parent company and another member of the M5 Municipal Council Giulia Argiroffi, who was supposed to replace me – says Forello – after the end of the budget session citizens and activists who still believe in the principles of transparency and legitimacy ".

And Forello launches a venomous suspicion: "I would not want to be behind the head of the movement behind everything: it is certainly a well-known fact that (illegally) it would be called the parent company of a person trusted by Deputy Allianz Ars, Giancarlo Cancelleri (the Sicilian leader pentastellato very close to Luigi Di Maio), and with the national deputy, Adriano Varica. " Forello confirms: "I do not recognize the decision-making and the rest of the group's leader; I am in my place to defend the possibility of disagreement and criticism in relation to all"

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