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Sector: It's E Media / Information Technology / software developer

Company: Performare Spa

Release date: 16/11/2018

Work site: Vicenza

We are working for a dynamic client based company in Vicenza, which primarily deals with the provision of Web Hosting Solutions and related services. It is a young reality, flexibly carefully updates and implements its IT-based market development. To develop a software development team, we now select programmers with knowledge of PHP / Javascript languages; will mainly cooperate in the development, maintenance and integration of the application of management and e-commerce companies, a project in continuous evolution and stimulating complexity. We refer to a person with 3/4 years of experience in the role of research, accustomed to combining rigor and efficiency, operational autonomy and constructive cooperation in the group; welcome computer science or related degrees. Employment contract. We are waiting for your detailed curriculum with the authority to process data (D.L.196 / 2003), referring to Ref. RS14

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