Friday , June 25 2021

Price of gasoline: it should cost 0,50 euros per liter, therefore

In the past year, gasoline, diesel and gas prices increased by 9.8%. In Italy, the cost of a full tank is about 60 euros, even if 64 percent of this price is not for fuel, but for the state. In fact, the tax burden for each liter of fuel is 64%: surcharge on gasoline that is, 0,728 Euro per liter; 61 cents for diesel fuel, 14 cents for LPG and 40 for fuel oil.

Federcontribuents writes that "we all noticed this increase in fuel prices, and even in Italy, the cost of a liter of gasoline without a tax and excise tax would be 50 cents per liter"By doing so by eliminating taxes and excise, the cost per liter would be the same as for other European countries, i.e. 0.50 cents per liter. And even if other countries are taxing fuel Italy remains at the top of the list for tax weight per liter: good 1 euro more per liter".

Price increase not only for fuel

The consequences are not only to pay a full tank of gasoline 1 euro more per liter, but that the trend of fuel trend affects the price of many other consumer products, because if transport increases by 10%, the products we buy increase by 11% ei taxpayers will pay 42% more tax in order to cover transport costs and increase the purchasing product.

The European Union has found that there is a minimum quota of excise on fuel below which it can not be reduced, however, the minimum quota is half of the taxi that was charged by Italy. "For the EU, the minimum gas share is EUR 0.359, so we have the margin to reduce at least half of the fuel tax per liter."

Fuel, therefore, serves to bring fresh money into the treasury: in such a way, a consumption tax with a change of progress is decided in such a way that will tend to more low-class classes of population that represent real social injustice.

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