Monday , May 10 2021

Reduce weight with rice and fruits

A diet without wheat It's easy to follow and can help you lose weight for a few pounds without too much stress. The daily nutrition plan includes the consumption of fruits and other rice. But let's see what we eat in a one-day menu.

Breakfast with yogurt in a natural way with 3 biscuits made from corn and rice, part of fresh fruit and coffee or tea without added sugar. Snack: fresh seasonal fruit. Lunch: a piece of brown or black rice with a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil and a portion of fresh fruit. Snack: apple or pear or fruit salad with no added sugar. Dinner: part of the roasting grill is served with steamed potatoes, spiced with extra virgin olive oil and chopped fresh grass, and then part of the fresh seasonal vegetables.

Be a diet We recommend very restrictively, as we always do in all the diets published on our site to consult with your doctor or specialist before starting this or any other child. This type of diet is not suitable for those suffering from diabetes, other illnesses or pregnant women.

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