Monday , August 15 2022

Rocco Casalino apologized for the penalties for people with disabilities


"I never saw it video, it strikes me now to see how I say those things. And I think he hit many other people. I have no problem to ask excuse"Spokesperson Palazzo Chigi said, Rocco Casalino, a How many hours he works, he returns to the video he saw at the center of a powerful controversy for the words used against him down and gods old people. "I am a homosexual, the emigrant's son in Germany," he added, pointing out that "he lived violence, discrimination and intimidation on my skin." history talk to me … these words are not part of my nature. "

Affirming that this video "a hit the stomach even though it was a simulation or character that was interpreted (made to provoke students), "said Casalino," today I called president of the association explaining that this is a simulation, apologizing to say that I am always at their disposal. "" Sometimes excessive tones are needed, freedom of the press is right, but there is also anger against 5-star movement. The back dog is doing it, "Casalino said How many hours he works returns to the controversy over the words of Di Maio and Di Battista about journalists ("pennivendoli e puttane"), pronounced immediately after the acquittal Virginia Raggi in the research of Campidoglio candidates. "I believe," he explained, "that the right of those who represent the citizens, who is the minister and the political leader of the movement, to force it by force. Instead, it is an anomalyinformation more than informing political propaganda. "

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