Wednesday , March 3 2021

Rome, team-Fonseca clash: Gombar is asked to rejoin

ROME – The news of the departure of Gianluca Gombe, one of those responsible for the mess in the Coppa Italia on the six substitutions, surprised the players. So much so that this morning, before training, the team had one long counter with Paulo Fonseca to order the refund. Dzeko and Pellegrini, captain and assistant, spoke in the locker room and asked the coach the team leader returns who last night greeted all the staff and left Trigoria, because he was considered only one of those responsible of the grave mistake made against Spezia.

Pellegrini next to Fonseca, the lip of the gearbox: "It is the sixth ..."

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Pellegrini next to Fonseca, the lip of the gearbox: “It’s the sixth …”

In the 95th minute of the match against Spezia when Ibanez was preparing for to enter inside rural area, well-framed cameras Pilgrims call to Gombar: “Gianluca, it’s the sixth change”. The words of the deputy captain, however, did not activate the alarm of the manager, with the entry of the Brazilian and the consequent defeat at the table for the incredible oversight. Yesterday, then, a long confrontation had between management and ownership, Rome had decided eliminate the team leader and Manolo Zubiria, Global Office of Sport. But today posture of the players and the application for reinstatement by the thirty-year-old player. Already last night Pau Lopez had written a long message on social media to greet the team manager: “Everyone who knows you knows how well you’ve done your job and how many hours you’ve spent on it. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family since we arrived in Rome. I will miss you so much, man. No one will do better than you “.

Respect Zubiria, its removal would be confirmed. To replace him, Rome investigated him spice the possibility of accession Pierfrancesco Visci, current director of organization and general secretary of the club of Liguria.

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