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Rooney is greeted with success, Germany is a trio

Vaine Rooney, 33, on the field against the United States since 58. getti

Vaine Rooney, 33, on the field against the United States since 58. getti

The last race with the England team, Vemblei's greeting, number 10 on his shoulders. On his night, Wayne Rooney leaves England on a 3-0 success in the United States. Lingard (26), Alekander Arnold (27 ') and Wilson (77') decide, but the entire title for the striker Mersea, who is greeted with the selection of Tre Leone with 120 appearances and 53 goals in 15 years. From February 14, 2003 (England-Australia 1-3) until November 15, 2018, he is the top scorer in England's history, and the other ranks behind Peter Shilton (125 caps). In the temple of Vembli (in front of 68 thousand people present) they took the last forgiveness from their people, before the challenge entered the field with the family in the tow and received recognition among the applause of the present. Then Southgate scored him in the 58th minute (instead of Lingard), the striker caught him, and then he pulled out the last game, and Guzan forgave him with goodbye. Before the curtain went down.
Germany risked to finish the terrible 2018 with relegation to Serie B in the League of Nations. In the meantime, at least in the friendly team, Joachim Loew finds a smile, easily freed from Russia: after a while there is no more game, Gnabri on shields that serve with Sanu after 8 and starts at just 40. In the middle is Sula goal at 25 & # 39; and 3-0 finals in Leipzig. It was said about the League of Nations, where the Germans won only one point in three games, and for the tomorrow's big match between the Netherlands and France, they must hope for k.o. Dutch. In this case, the killed in Gelsenkirchen must win to avoid the upgrade. In the meantime, Neuer and his relatives have already scored a negative record for the team of Teutonia, which did not lose six games in the calendar year. Now the last appeal to save the rescuer.

Poland in Brzeczek is not better than Italy, after defeating Italy and only relegation to the League of Nations brings a new track to Gdansk vs. Czech Republic (1-0). Many "Italians" in the field, not surprisingly, challenged the 53rd action taken by Shik and ended with the successful champion Sampdorian Jankt, to quickly cast himself to the discarded Skorupski (today instead of the Szczesnia owner). The field is also Zielinski and the rest of the race for Milica. The Poles will close their 2018 challenge in Portugal next Tuesday, which also links the fate of Italy and the final fourth of June.

In the end, 0-0 in a friendly match between Ireland and Northern Ireland, on the field at Dublin Lansdow Road. James McClean left the field after 66 minutes because of a nasty blow to the shin. The footballer, for some time, wears his personal "battle" that led him to wear a shirt of Ireland, not Belfast, despite being born in Derri, Northern Ireland, a town that became sadly known for the Conflict of Northern Ireland and tzv. Trouble.

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