Thursday , August 11 2022

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3, Chris Avellone reveals the ideas developed by Obsidian


Just after the conclusion of Star Wars: Knights of Ancient Republic 2, obsidian I had already begun putting ideas together Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3, according to reports from the last hours since Chris Avellone during the restart Development event.

The issue of the third chapter had already emerged a short time ago, when BioWare had revealed that I had tried several times to develop a new chapter in the past, but without success and now we know it, from Avellone, also the point of view of " # 39; Osidiana, who had dealt with the second chapter on behalf of BioWare. "When we finished the second chapter, we tried to restore life to an acceptable level of health," said Avellone, who answered the question about whether Obsidian would have a sequel to the series. "We started working on a project for the third chapter, because we have always thought about that trilogy. Although we developed the second chapter, we tried to show the actions of Darth Revan, which was not limited to simply destroying everything without any strategy. Actually, he had a good plan, because there was a wider handling. "

Several antecedents of this great plan could be illustrated in the third chapter, according to the intentions of Osidiana: "The third chapter had to focus on the protagonist who follows the steps of Revan and is embarking on the battle against him former lord Sith, the creatures much more terrifying than the classic ones of Darths. "Avellone explained that these villains should be real monsters, with a high level of power, but also with psychologies and personalities, different stories and a different way of acting with the players. In other words, we should have dealt with the challenges brought to a higher level than previously seen, relating to creatures capable of influencing entire systems, as we could have traveled between planets to discover them.

According to Avellone, Star Wars: The Knights of the Ancient Republic 3 have not made it problems within the editor. The developer claims that, at that time, there was probably an internal team in LucasArts who planned to create the game, which would have priority over Obsidian. At the same time, BioWare also tried to create the third chapter with projects and, ultimately, between these conflicting ideas, editorial policies and, perhaps, simply the fear that the game would not sell enough, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. 3 is not never published.

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