Tuesday , May 17 2022

Stefano De Martino: "Belen's last woman I love", revelation


Stefano De Martino gossip news: ex-husband Belen Rodriguez he removed an exclusive interview hosted by a new program I'm discovering led by Lorella Boccia, in real time. Former dancer Amici revealed that he did not fall in love with her after his story with Belen, the mother of his son Santiago. Rodriguez was her great love and will always be there. Stefano does not mister it. The interview will be broadcast on Friday, November 16th at 11.45 am, and already in these hours, some predictions by de Martins circulate online. Stefano De Martino never concealed a deep sympathy for the Argentine show – in a recent interview with Domenico And he spent really nice words for her – despite the problematic divorce preceded by grief and outbursts and current separations. The feeling of mutual respect, despite problems, has remained unchanged from time to time, and the former cup, also for the benefit of Santiago, has a happy and harmonious relationship.

De Martino has released a series of rather romantic awards, explaining that he no longer liked any woman after completing her marriage with Argentina. and we all know it after the separation between him and the influential Gilda Ambrosio it was more than a close friendship. Nothing sentimental, obviously. "Marriage is the devotion of love Belen was the most beautiful love story I had. Belena is there and I will always be there. The last woman I love is Belen."

Alleged returns about which the newspaper has been discussed for some time is not planned. "We know very well that we are returning together. For me the flashlights are useless, we have found the balance that needs to be separated, we are still a beautiful family, we often play. The truth is, sometimes we are discussing, but then we make peace, like everyone couples, so why harass all this system we built? ". Fan of (ek) couple, so they warn you: there is no illusion!

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