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Sundai Live, Barbara D 'Urso won Mara Venier. Listen to them


Yesterday, Sunday, November 18th, a new air episode was broadcast Sundai Live, under the leadership Barbara D & # 39; Urso. The channel of five conductors was again confronted with Domenica In di Mara Venier with guests such as Claudio Amendola, Antonella Clerici and Emma Marrone. Queen Cologne Monzese instead devoted Big Brother Vip to the program [VIDEO] and stories of her sister Mauro Icardi and the former Paulo Dibala, the young midfielder of Juventus. [VIDEO]

Overlap: Venier 16.04%, D & # 39; Urso 15.9%. According to the website of Davide Maggio, Mara Venier at Rai recorded a share 14.7% in the first part and on 16.7% in the second part.

Sundai Live Barbara D & # 39; Urso recorded, instead, the following data reported by the presenter on Instagram: l& # 39; Actuality 16.23%, Stories 18.99%, First part 19.48 and second part 17.88%.

Sundai Live, episode 18/11

18:15 Barbara D & # 39; Urso suggests the latter Seriously.

18:00 Nurse – interview with guitarist Pooch, Dodi Battaglia, studio guest with his wife.

Big Brother Vip, Jane's boy in the studio

17:45 Then we go on to talk Rocco Siffredi, hospitalized that does not lose sense of humor even after surgery.

17:30 She's in the studio for the first time Gianmarco Amicarelli, Jane's boyfriend, who claims she is not in a crisis before the actress entered the house Big Brother. He also said that in the past few weeks he saw her change.

Before that, he always talked about his fiancé and future plans, and then from one day to the full, he approached Elia Fongaro. Gianmarco is very disappointed by Jane, as well as her family and friends. The two lived together for some time and added: "It's not a person I know, whom I love, with whom I drove together the house with which we planned the future."

17:00 Come back to talk Mila Suarez, now ex-girlfriend Alek Bellia. The woman does not deny that she has suffered a lot for the end of the relationship and has decided to return to the living room in Sundai Live to answer the actor's words, bringing with him evidence that testifies to his truth.

16:26 In the studio Fabio Basile and follow the moments piShe is beautiful in Big Brother's house and the accusation made by Cecchi Paone. Also, Francesca Cipriani tells something to Alexander and accuses him of having told her a few sweet words about Valter Nudo.

16:00 Debat Big Brother Vip. The studio has eliminated reality shows including Markuise of Aragon, Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Maria Monse.

15:30 In the studio, former president of Fiorentina Vittorio Cecchi Gori, who acted in connection with their ex-husband Rita Rusic. "I can not go back to the moment I saw him at the hospital, it looked like a man abandoned to himself." Vittorio is now a happy man."said his ex-wife.

15:00 For the first time in the face-to-face study Giucas Casella and former Carol Torr. Woman claims he does not see a child James for many years. To date, it seems that between them, the meeting point has not yet been found. The son does not want to see his mother and Djuka, in the defense of the James Question: Why are you doing all this, why did not you ask him when he was little? And then Caroline's words, anxious illusionist, say: "I was thinking about peace, I put all my will into it: take me out of my life, try to win James".

Sundai Live, Ivana Icardi, hurtsMauro Icardi e former Paula Dibala

14.45 Let's go Antonella Cavalieri, ek girlfriend of Paulo Dibala who claims to have been betrayed by Juventus after four years of engagement. However, to date, there seems to be no evidence of alleged rumors of betrayal that have been published in magazines over the past few years. Karina Cascella and Signoretti accuse a young Argentine model of using her love for an attacker to enter the entertainment world.

14.15 We are going to our sister Mauro Ikardi, Ivana Ikardi. The young Argentine claims that he is no longer able to talk to his brother anymore Vanda Nara, wife and manager of football players. Vanda, in fact, did not want the Icard sister to participate in the Argentine Big Brother to protect the image of the player. But Ivana decided to take part equally Vanda blocked it on Instagram. The young man starts apel: "I want to tell my brother that this is one of the most important things for me, I want to make peace and I want to be good with everyone and all of you are important to me, I do not care if they are known and have money, my granddaughter, even and if I do not see them so much and I would love him very much go back to peace. "

14:00 A new episode of Domenike Live is starting. Den Harrow he was the first guest of Barbara D 'Urso who wanted to answer the charges begun by his ex-wife.

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