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T-protection: at the beginning of a campaign that defends the right too early


IN ITALY, 7% of newborns, about 100 a day and 35 thousand a year, were born too much: they are smaller and fragile children than others and with special needs. Only in defending the rights of these children who were born prematurely, before the end of the 37th week of gestation, she just left T-Net campaign for information and information, created by SIN, the Italian company for neonatology, by VIVERE Onlus with the support of AbbVie italia. Goals of the Initiative: To give homosexual assistance a breakthrough in all regions of the peninsula, in order to guarantee parents everywhere access intensive therapy neonatal 24 hours a day and continuity of care for children up to three years of age who together provide support to their families.

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T-Proteggo "arises from the desire to restart dialogue between institutions, neonatal departments and parental associations for better and homogeneous help and management of prematureness. Prevention strategy, high quality of care and extended follow-up monitoring are some of the key points to be developed" he said. Fabio Mosca President of SIN at the start of the 30 October campaign in Milan. "In our country the organization helps premature babies sees the peaks of absolute excellence (in Italy, the rate of survival of premature babies is among the highest in the world, ed.) However, much still remains to be done, also because the regional situation is still very uneven, "he confirmed Martina Bruscagnin, President Vivera Onlus.

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"It is urgent and necessary that parents are guaranteed access to offices 24 hours a day Neonatal intensive therapy in all regions – added Briscagnin – the presence of parents, in fact, in addition to being important for affective and affiliate relationships, favors the development of neuro-behavior of the newborn as a scientifically recognized one. The ability to stay with a child without time constraints is necessary to support breastfeeding and reduce or reduce pain. It is also necessary to be guaranteed careful monitoring of premature infants at least in the first three years of life, also through building a network between all the socio-economic realities of the territory. "

According to data presented on October 30, a third of fathers and mothers arrive at premature birth, but never heard of premature birth. According to the research, health workers play a decisive role from the time of birth: in 61% of cases, a neonatologist and 62% of nurses provide real support to parents. Self-help also has its weight. From the same research, it turns out that 56 times over 100 resignations gave great support to other parents. When they return home, 41% think they need help in the early years of the child, and 57% feel the lack of psychological support. On psychology, from data collected on the Internet, it shows that the mothers of the despised babies they tend to feel guilty: because they are unable to end their pregnancy and threaten the lives of their children.

T-Proteggo has sponsored SIP, the Italian Pediatric Association, FIMP, the Italian Federation of Pediatric Physicians, the FIARPED, the Italian Federation of Scientific Societies and the Pediatric Association and as a testimony of the former World Volleyball Andrea Lucchetta, who urged everyone to make a wall against indifference: "How to protect a ball in defense or catch a dribble," said Lucchetta, who today is a sports commentator – I'm asking everything to protect the rights of premature babies by publishing social photos, videos or stories usinghashtag # Tproteggo"

According to estimates by the World Health Organization, 15 million children are born overexcisely every year in the world. It sees that light 37 weeks of pregnancy has been completed, and that number is increasing. Complications of anterior birth today are the main cause of death at the age of 5 years. In 184 countries, the percentage of exaggerated parts ranges from 5 to 18% of born children. Depending on the gestational age, there are subcategories of a blur: a child with less than 28 weeks is extremely premature, and 28 to 32 weeks is premature, premature moderate, from 32 to 37 weeks.

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