Monday , August 15 2022

The FCA restructuring hypothesis: Fiat sells for separate PSA, Alpha and Maserati, and then joins GM? – News


FCA Reorganization: Transfering Fias to Separate PSA, Alpha and Maserati, and then joining GM?

What after forgiveness Markione and download manlei the change of FCA is certainly not over, but it started, she knew. What's not yet known, given that rumors circulate uncontrollably, in favor of speculators, where our beloved Italian car brands have really ended, now included in a large American boiler. The last hypothesis, or better the proposal true to every hearing and also submitted it to President John Elkann., it is ADV, The FCA shareholder fund. Not that it is the voice of one of the largest and most influential shareholders, and it will not be followed by the board, but it is still difficult to think, bearing in mind the global echo.

In America

The Chamber is requested from the United States focus American, for FCA, and for creating value (ie, earning higher earnings). It's a dream to unite Jeep Forward or better GM-, maintaining the high value of the off-road manufacturer in the group that is getting married. In order to achieve greater profitability, in addition to the recent spin of Magneti Marelli, the advice would be to sell "old Fiat". Tricolori is the leading company Alfa Romeo and MaseratAnd, again, in line with the ADV hypothesis, it would deserve greater value by decoupling it from the rest, but remaining open to the whole world in activities with the obvious presence of the FCA's former action; while a small Fiat could go on an independent journey, better if it's under the French group's hat, like PSA, keeping the focus exclusively European.

Fiat Professional, Lancia and Abarth? According to press releases, according to the use of finance for these large-company-owned companies, they do not seem to even mention them, but are obviously related to Fiat.

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