Tuesday , May 11 2021

The mistake turns characters into deformed creatures

Bethesda warned her fan base about the technical problems she was facing Fallout 76 I would definitely go for the launch. Publisher pronouns find feedback in these hours: after connection problems, a new and somewhat bizarre anomaly associated with & # 39;Atomic armor.

One of the first goals the players set up once in West Virginia's Fallout 76 is to go for atomic shielding. It's a shame that, as more players reported on Twitter, this has led to a serious mistake in which, either in carrying or shooting, the characters are transformed into naked and deformed creatures. The problem is not limited to the aesthetic factor, so you can even close your eyes and take it ironically: the players are actually immobilized because of this technical error, and many have turned directly bethesda in order to make the decisive crunch public as soon as possible. You can judge you by the pictures you find at the end of the text.

We remember that Fallout 76 now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While micro-transaction prices were confirmed, users captured a headline with a set of negative metrics criteria.

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