Thursday , August 11 2022

The Palace collapsed in Marseille: "Among the missing people there is the Italian"


There is also a young Italian, Simona Carpignano, 30, from Taranto, among the missing after the collapse of two buildings in downtown Marseille. The alarm was triggered by a young bartender who works nearby and who knows Simone well, an Italian who lived in 65 rue d'Aubagne and whose news has not been heard since Monday. "She was a fantastic girl, I remember when she celebrated her diploma," he told the journalist. So far, a human body has been found under rubble, but we continue to search for it. According to what the French media reconstructed, one of the two collapsed buildings, at number 63, was "closed and walled", according to what was reported by the municipality, which again received an order of danger in 2008. another building, there are 9 apartments out of 10 and are located above a free business on the ground floor.


The building at 65 Rue de Augagne was the subject of a "technical review" on 18 October by the relevant departments. The third stable, number 67, abandoned and masonry in 2012, is partially destroyed. According to the municipality, "this dramatic accident could have been the result of the heavy rains that Marseilles had hit the past days."

But there is no lack of controversy: "These are the homes of the poor who are collapsing and this is not a coincidence," inspector Jean-Luc Melenchon said, regretting what he called "the strange aroma of ease and indifference towards poverty."

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