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what it is, causes and how to cure it

Chlamydia is a very common sexually transmitted disease in women, even in the youngest; difficult to recognize, chlamydia is almost completely asymptomatic during the incubation of the virus, here are the advice of doctors to recognize it and especially to prevent it.

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British experts say so. With one check per year for all young women, from teenagers to 25 year old girls, it would be possible to recognize chlamydia soon and treat it well in eight out of ten cases.

Why all this attention in one disease so little known? Because today it represents the cause of infertility in 10-40% of women who have suffered from this sexually transmitted disease, but without knowing it. But not only. In 60% of cases chlamydia, if not treated well, not even neglected, cause vestibolitis.

In fact, every time it is repeated, it pays off the area around the vagina is more sensitive, called lobby. Thus, a vicious circle: as irritation and pain increase more and more, than gradually it becomes chronic.

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What causes chlamydia?


Chlamydia is triggered by a bacterium extremely small called Chlamydia trachomatis, ”explains Giovanni Menaldo, director of the Institute of Reproductive and Psychosomatic Medicine in Turin.

“It is transmitted through unprotected sex with a partner who already has the disease himself. To give you an idea, if one pair is infected, the probability of transmission to the other is 20% and the average duration of the infectivity, if the infection is not treated, can be up to one year ”.

“In addition, recent data have shown this women with chlamydia are five times more likely to contract the HIV virus compared to a healthy woman “.

Therefore, always use a condom if your partner is casual, but also at the beginning of a more stable relationship. However, remember to wear a condom already during preliminary reports from chlamydia, like all sexually transmitted diseases, can also be taken by contact with genital and anal mucous membranes e from the mouth.

Chlamydia, an asymptomatic disease


“The big problem with chlamydia is that it often has no symptoms and that is why we should follow the advice of our British colleagues to do at least one check-up a year,” says Professor Menaldo.

The test is simple and cheap and consists of aurine analysis. The same examination should be done in the case of a relationship of risk and deprotection. In fact, one to three weeks pass from the infection: a dangerous period because the infection can be transmitted to other people.. “Symptoms occur approximately six out of ten cases.

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Call your doctor if you have leaks yellowish white color or a irritating feeling of irritation. If you neglect it, the infection progresses and in addition you start to experience pain in the lower abdomen and back, nausea, fever and blood loss.

The signs are even more so soft in men, sometimes with secretions O feeling irritated e itching in private parts. In addition, inflammation, enlargement and testicular pain.

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