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Big drop in F3 Macau | Formula 1 | F1 news


Big accident in F3 Macao | Formula 1 | F1 news | ESPN F1

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Sophia Froush collapsed at 270 km / h in a German teen driver in the F3 race, which will be held in Macao, due to a serious injury that has broken through the spine.

The 17-year-old Frousha vehicle was on another machine and flew off and crashed to the end of the course, and could not slow down at all. In the movie from the stands, the part that caused the accident was not shown, but it later became clear that Froush was in contact with a competing machine in the full opening section of Lisboa.

Her machine damaged the loss of control, said he jumped to another machine and jumped into an obstacle. According to the rapid swing in the brake zone, Froush worked at 276.2 km / h when another contact took place.

Damage to the obstacle led to suspension of the temporary red flag for the collision. Fruch had awareness and was presented at the hospital, the Grand Prix Organizer announced in Makavu, but later gave an initial diagnosis of upper fracture. After that, Froush wrote that he himself was safe with Twitter and prepared for the operation.

"I wanted to say to everyone that I'm okay. Tomorrow morning I'm going for surgery, thank you @ fia and @ hvaag_official, @ Mercedes AMGF 1 who have done wonderful care. I thank all those who send me, I will report again."

The place where the machine collapsed is where there are numerous cameramen, race marshals and several other people were taken to the hospital with Froush. Shosui Tsuboi Froush climbed on the machine and sent a sentence to a hospital complaining of back pain, but after reporting security, it was reported.

One Marshal has suffered facial laceration and a jaw fracture. Two photographers were also transported, one observed progress with the liver, and the other g. Minami Hiroiuki is diagnosed as a cerebral shake.

Mick · Schumacher, who became the new F3 champion, also took part, after the race was restarted, Danutiktum of the Red Bull junior won the championship.

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