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Damaged families lost in the case of Hansen's disease "over 20 years after death" news MBS Kansai


Victims of death in case of lesion "more than 20 years after death"

Update: 2018/11/14 00: 01

The High Court in Osaka dismissed a request for a family grieving after the first trial in an appeal for a lawsuit in which a damaged family patient from a flutter sought compensation for the country as violated by a national policy of forced isolation.

What caused the complaint was the grieving family, who died in the year 73, in isolation in the sanatorium of Hansen's disease in the eye of the prefectures. The decision was confirmed to confirm that the national policy of forced isolation was a constitutional violation of Hansen's disease. The country promoted reconciliation with former patients and grieving families seeking damage, but this case was launched after more than 20 years since the former patient died, the Kobe District Court of First Instance ruled that the "right was extinguished" and dismissed the grievances of the grieving party.

The High Court in Osaka ruled on the 13th day of the trial under the first-instance verdict and said: "It can not be said that it was impossible to file a complaint within 20 years after death."

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