Friday , July 1 2022

Former Nishiyama Farm executives arrested for fraud and damage of 2 billion yen-Aichi Prefectural Police-Jiji Press News


  1. Former Nishiyama Farm executives arrested, alleged fraud and damage to 2 billion yen of Aichi prefecture policeJiji Press News
  2. If you buy a product, you can add it and get a refund and lie … Did you collect 13.3 billion yen (October 17, 2021)?ANNewssCH
  3. “If you buy peaches with a card …” He collected 13.3 billion yen and arrested five former “Nishiyama Farm” bankruptcy directors on suspicion of fraud (CBC TV) – Yahoo! NewsYahoo!
  4. Five former Nishiyama Farm executives arrested on suspicion of fraud Collect about 13.4 billion yen for false investment historyFNN Prime Online
  5. The alleged “investment dividend” fraud arrested former tourist farm executivesNHK NEWS WEB
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