Friday , July 1 2022

Group assault on high school students by a bad group “Okite” “Driving without a license prohibited by non-members” – Yomiuri Shimbun Online


  1. Group assault on “Okite” on high school students by a bad group “Prohibition on driving without a license that is not a member”Yomiuri Shimbun online
  2. “Driving without a license is prohibited except for friends” Arrested 6 fugitive tribes on suspicion of lynching a college student (Mainichi Shimbun) – Yahoo! NewsYahoo!
  3. [Kawasaki]Six boys arrested for group lynching. Male college student fully cured for 4 monthsFNN Prime Online
  4. NHK Kanagawa News assaulted college students with “unlicensed driving” or arrested 6
  5. Arrested 6 boys with bad G who “assaulted” college students (Nippon Television Network (NNN)) – Yahoo! NewsYahoo!
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