Yesterday we talked about the first impression of something new: Sonos Roam, a member of the Sonos family, is a new portable speaker from the speaker giant. Of course, not all of them are Sonos. We also want to find out what other brands bring to us. To be precise, today’s news is related to another company engaged in speaker manufacturing. LG has announced a number of new soundbars for 2021, which will arrive with AirPlay 2 support (a bit late)... Keep reading we give you all the details.

This was announced in a press release: In 2021, all LG soundbars will be compatible with Apple’s AirPlay 2. They also support surround sound formats Dolby Atmos and DTS: X, Top high fidelity audio standards. What you can see in other brands and get to these sound bars Room-based speaker calibrationThat is, we use a microphone to adapt the sound to the environment in which we are. In addition, high-end models are certified for lossless high-resolution audio playback of 24-bit / 96 kHz.

As you know, AirPlay 2 offers new features compared to previous versions. AirPlay 2 has been in use since 2018, but manufacturers are lagging behind in adopting Apple’s new communications system. What enables AirPlay 2? Rots Create a multi-room music systemThis means that you can select multiple AirPlay devices to play the same music or different music from all of them. Several brands of speakers were launched to support AirPlay 2And, as I said, AirPlay 2 is already compatible with LG’s 2021 series soundbars. you too, Are you thinking of getting a sound bar for your media system? Are you playing music with AirPlay?