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Nikaido Fumi & GACKT, Ks JAPAN · IOSHIKI appears in the "Dispatching Battle" after unprecedented? Presentation of the theme "Shoin Saitama" – Model Press


Trailer of "Shokonto Saitama" (released February 22, 2019) whose actor Nikaido Fumi and artist GACKT serve V, published visual posters and decided the theme of the song.

Nikaido Fumi & GACKT In Film
Nikaido Fumi & GACKT In Movie "Shoken to Saitama" Poster Visual (C) 2019 Film "Shoken to Saitama" Production Committee

This work appeared in numerous media, he launched a big topic on the SNS and net because of the fact that it was re-printed for about 20 years, for about 30 years, Mr. Makoto Makoto (Maia Mineo) original work "This comic is incredible! Comics Shoin Saitama "(Takarajima) in the movie live.

This visual visual entertainment has been banned this time by a great theme with a theme that <Револуција> reminiscent of certain known images. Banner Nikaido started playing Dannoura Homme is an expression that unhappy Saitama harassed: "There is nothing but a nice place!" In addition, Makoto Rei, who plays GACKT, looks like an enemy who looks at it somewhere, thinking that he seriously takes it seriously, is a specialty in the Prefecture of Saitama · Fukaia Onegi. The very serious world of Madaio Mao's world takes place in a beautiful frame.

And, if you carefully look at this poster, in fact, the surprisingly loose characters are hidden, and posters full of gestures are over. The Governor's governor's son, who was supposed to despise Saitama, why Saitama, together with Rei, can catch a look at a trailer that will be banned at the same time.

Hanago "Uta no Saitama" is defined as a thematic song

The video trailer begins with a copy that appears to be used in a foreign movie: "This is the world, this is Saitama!" From the beginning. The thematic song is called "Song of the Saitama Prefecture" to which Beppa sings. In 2003, songs recorded in the album were re-recorded for Shokonto Saitama, and the songs upgraded, it was magnificent and capable of full performance. The scene changes and becomes a sad village. Trapped from Tokyo, it is necessary to enter and exit traffic bills, and in addition, special notebooks for punishing people from Saitama Prefecture who have cheated Saitama Attack Team under the name SAT (Saitama Attack Team) testify about their own eyes.

Miki Kiomoto is speaking with the Saitama Liberation Front leader Saitama Duke, who plans to free up freedom in such a prefecture in Saitama. What is opposed to him is the front liberation of Chiba, led by Akutsu Shom, who plays Iuzia Iuusuke. Saitama and Chiba, which is the biggest drama in the history of Japanese painting, which department can remove notice of cancellation.

The original story was an incomplete story "Saitama Dis". The film added a regional disparity with Tokyo, Element Element rivalry conflict Saitama · Chiba, and further included Kanagawa, Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, etc. Kanto area, a magnificent rock with Tokyo as the top Battle on the falling grass is transmitted. I think the last trailer is against Saitama and the Chiba army who celebrate the development of photos of Toshihiko Takamizawa from IOSHIKI ALFEE Ks JAPANA to raise why the confrontation of birth is seriously spreading. (Modelpress editorship)

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