Monday , September 27 2021

Obon’s return home, in principle, was canceled with the new crown-National Association of Governors-Jiji Press News

  1. The return home of Obon, in principle, was canceled with the new crown, the National Association of GovernorsJiji Press News
  2. National Association of Governors “Travel and travel must be canceled or postponed in principle” NHK Metropolitan Area NewsNHK NEWS WEB
  3. Consideration of the blocking method Traveling across the prefectural borders, returning home to Obon, in principle canceled by the Governor’s Association, urgent proposal in the countryTokyo Shimbun
  4. The National Association of Governors calls for “cancellation / deferral” in principle of travel across prefectural borders and return home (MBS News) – Yahoo! NewsYahoo!
  5. Return to Obon’s house, cancellation in principle = Proposal with new crown-National Association of
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