Wednesday , October 27 2021

Orix Masataka Yoshida “The foot is no problem” during the second adjustment of the army: 1 success in a professional amateur exchange game (Nikkan Sports) – Yahoo! News – Navi Sports


  1. Orix Yoshida Masataka, who is adapting for the 2nd Army, hit the pro-Am exchange game “Foot is not a problem” (Nikkan Sports) – Yahoo! NewsSports sailing
  2. Orix and Tadashi Yoshida return to the real battle appeal to recover with success and base runningAnnex Sponichi
  3. Orix Yoshida Masataka, who returned to the actual battle due to an injury to his left leg, returned to the right front in the second bat and made his first shot (Sankei Sports)Yahoo!
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