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"PLAYISM Summer Sale" with titles directed up to 50% off at Nintendo


Free high quality indie games from all over the world
PLAYISM (playism)
In the Nintendo electronics store
"PLAYISM Summer Sale" is celebrated.
PLAYISM Nintendo Switch Titles Up to 50% off!

& # 39; PLAYISM & # 39; ( carefully selected and sold titles of original games managed by Active Gaming Media Co., Ltd. (President: IBA Mestoy Headquarters: Nishi Ward, Osaka City Will keep the "PLAYISM Summer Sale" for the Nintendo Switch titles at the Nintendo electronics store for the period between 18 July 2019 and July 31, 2019. t

■ Summer sale of Nintendo Switch directed at PLAYISM!
The sale of "PLAYISM Summer" has been launched since July 18 in Nintendo e-Shop. You can acquire the PLAYISM Nintendo Switch title up to 50% off. 30% DISCOUNT for "VERTICAL STRIKE ENDLESS CHALLENGE", which has been decided to make a video posting contest from July 24 (Wednesday), 50% discount for "Blue Moon" just published – Do not miss out on this easy-to-buy opportunity, such as the popular "Night in the Woods" with a 20% discount!

】 Retention period
July 18, 2019-
July 31, 2019

List of titles of Nintendo eShop PLAYISM

■ Recommended summer sale tickets PLAYISM

Discount type30% discount
Image (001)
"VSEC Video Post Challenge" will be carried out! The fun is infinite. "VERTICAL STRIKE ENDLESS CHALLENGE" is a game of large-scale flight action with the concept of "providing a sense of enthusiasm easily" and "play without problems in a short time." In this work we will make a video posting contest on Twitter as of July 24 (Wednesday).
Today's video "Vertical Strike Endless Challenge-Scene Collection-Limiter cut application edition-" introduces the cut of the limiter that greatly improves maneuverability, with a comment on the operation of the controller. Please, look before the contest is being held.

cNrtwd cPOLi-LiTE cProject ICKX.
License and publication of Act Gaming Media, Inc.

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Night in the woods
Discount typeDiscount of 20%
Image (002)
Along with the month of May, go deep into the deep forest. "Night in the Woods" is an adventure game developed by Infinite Fall of North America, published on PC / PS4 in February 2017 and sold worldwide by Finji, who has dealt with numerous masterpieces. This game, which created original views of the world with realistic human emotions, original stories and distinctive features that the traditional game had not drawn, won the Grand Prix at the Independent Games Festival 2018, etc. He has won numerous awards and is a masterpiece of masterpieces of indie adventure games around the world.

The main character, Mei, who left the university, spent a lot of time with him, practicing with local friends, practicing jokes, joining the parties and having fun.

However, people and their surroundings, including yours, may not be the same as before. May and my friends live with various problems. Mei interacts with people to confront the problems of others. Among them, you will be trapped in the case of disappearance that is occurring in the spring of possum, you will face another big problem.

All rights reserved. Finji is a trademark of Finji, LLC in the United States and / or in other countries. The properties of Infinite Fall are granted to Finji, LLC for Infinite Fall.
c Active Gaming Media Inc. All rights reserved.

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Cactus Plus Android Assault
Discount type30% discount
Image (003)
Even a second can not be wasted. We are Android with batteries. Experience the evolutionary system of arcade-type shooters in a world of colorful science fiction. Cactus, who received a ship rescue signal from a space cargo ship, is forced to land on the cargo ship despite having rescued.

Wherever they came from, the old working robots were disgusting. Assault Android Cactus Plus must defeat the enemy reliably and quickly, taking into account the rest of the battery, which gradually decreases instead of life. Let's face the army of enemy robots running from all directions, changing the scenic tricks and big heads

c WITCH BEAM GAMES 2019 PTY LTD c Active Gaming Media Inc. All rights reserved PLAYISM, the logo of PLAYISM i
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Blue moon
Discount type50% discount
Image (004)
We walk around the stars
It's a story to stroll at night. We walk in the same way you want. Every time a new meeting awaits you. Any encounter, any choice will give rise to new possibilities. Work your imagination and explore the beautiful landscape.
This work will not be received by everyone. It is not a game that is played intensely for hours, but a work that enjoys a relaxed view of the world. I hope you find all the mysterious events on a starry night.

Copyright 2019, JMJ Interactive All rights reserved. License and publication of Act Gaming Media Inc.

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List of titles of Nintendo eShop PLAYISM

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