Thursday , July 7 2022

Published free application that easily realizes the system without the presence of reception in the Google home (Ebisu Voice Production Press Release)


A free application has been released that easily realizes the system without the presence of a receipt in the Google home

Press release The company that posted the advertisement: Ebisu Voice Production

Use Google Home to work effectively at home

Ebisu Voice Production has released a free application that makes smart speakers easier to implement in the Google home as part of making smart speakers useful for business efficiency.

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Application summary
This app is published as an app running in the Google home under the name of "reception representative".
By connecting this chat tool with this chat tool that employees use in their normal work, it's possible to create a system without the presence of a receipt using Google Home.
As the image we use, we set up Google Home at the office entrance and it is assumed that the visitor is telling the Google home about the name and reason of the visit. The content the visitor notifies is familiar with the chat contact notification group that is pre-linked, and the employee who verified the content can respond.
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About use
You can use this application for free. Although this application is offered with the best effort, please know in advance that there is a possibility that it may not work properly depending on the circumstances, due to the failure to connect to network connections and other problems.
Chat tools that can be connected include LINE, Slack, Chatvork and others.
For a detailed adjustment method, please refer to here (https: //

If you have any requirements, we will accept support, such as support for introduction and customization (addition to functions) for a fee.
In addition, if you have any questions about how to use it or if you have any questions, please contact us on the next page of the query.

Contact address
Ebisu votes
Address: Ebisu, Shibuia-ku, Tokyo 4-7-6 KT Building 3F
Website: https: //
Website (questionnaire): https: // / contact /
E-mail: [email protected]
Твиттер:https: //

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