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Red Bull F1 representative “Abu Dhabi Grand Prix defeat ignited Mercedes F1″[]

Representative of Red Bull F1

Christian Horner, a representative of Red Bull Racing’s F1 team, believes Max Verstappen’s overwhelming victory in last year’s final race at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix encouraged Mercedes F1 to create F1 cars yet. better.

Max Verstappen was the fastest of the weekend in the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix, starting from pole position and winning more than seven seconds behind Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton. It was reported that the Mercedes F1 reduced the power of its F1 engine due to reliability issues.

Christian Horner believes the results may have triggered a backlash within Mercedes F1 even though Yas Marina’s weekend didn’t seem to be a complete representation of each F1 team’s position from the outside.

The Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix was only Max Verstappen’s second victory in 2020 and in the end Mercedes F1 won the double title seven times in a row.

“Mercedes are beautiful machines, but we have shown that we can overcome them by doing hard work and our work.”

“I think the final race in Abu Dhabi will make them very ambitious. Toto will use it and James Allison hopes to present a more competitive machine this year.”

“So we never underestimate the power of Mercedes, but we’ve always been challenging.”

“Our goal is to incorporate the lessons learned from 2020 to 2021. We expect the RB16B to be a good evolution.”

“Mercedes, who has won the title seven times in a row, is clearly a candidate for victory, but we are excited about this season’s challenge and have not given up on winning the fifth title.”

Christian Horner said learning from 2020 will be important for Red Bull Honda to take the Mercedes F1 title.

“Over the last seven years, we’ve seen a completely dominant team,” says Christian Horner.

“And as for Mercedes, we would expect most cars to continue this year and drivers to stay the same and get back in a very strong position.”

“But I hope we can use the lessons learned from 2020 to take on a more enduring challenge for Mercedes. Mercedes is incredibly strong and is a good candidate for this year’s championship, especially when it comes to cars. Speaking of which, it was without a doubt its best machine of the hybrid era “.

“It’s going to be a big challenge for us, but it’s also something we like.”

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