Tuesday , October 19 2021

Representative of Komeito Yamaguchi “Uniform benefit of 100,000 yen for children” Crown extension – NHK WEB NEWS


  1. Representative of Komeito Yamaguchi “uniform of 100,000 yen benefits for children” extension of the CrownNHK NEWS WEB
  2. Flat rate of 100,000 yen for high school students from 0 yearsNihon Keizai Shimbun
  3. Komeito, uniform payment of 100,000 yen to the election promise of the House of Representatives 0-18 years (Kyodo News)Yahoo!
  4. Komeito, uniform guarantee of 100,000 yen for children from 0 to 18 years electoral commitmentSankei News
  5. Uniform benefit of 100,000 yen from 0 years to 3 years. Komei Announces First Engagement (Asahi Shimbun Digital) – Yahoo! NewsYahoo!
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