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Review "Oculus Quest" -GAME Watch


Oculus Quest is an integrated VR headset that allows you to enjoy VR content only with this product.

Get 6 DoF (degrees of freedom) without an external sensor, the resolution is 1,440 × 1,600 monoculars, and the refresh rate is 72 Hz. It can be said that it is a great favorite of VR headphones having a specification that is comparable to other VRs of PC while it is independent.

In addition, the new Oculus Touch controller is included with this product and one of Uri's products will allow a rich instantaneous VR experience if purchased. This time I had the opportunity to experience the pre-release product, so I want to convey the feeling, including the latest VR games. The release date is scheduled for the spring of 2019 and the price is $ 399.

Spec Table (body)
Size193 x 222 x 105 mm (width x depth x height)
Weight571 g
Tracking6 Support to the DoF
Storage64 GB or 128 GB
Display panelOLED
Resolution1440 x 1660 (monocular)
Rate of update72 Hz
I amSnapdragon 835
AudioSpeaker, integrated microphone (compatible with 3.5 mm headphone jack)
BatteryIntegrated battery of lithium ion
Prediction of the battery2-3 hours (approximately 2 hours of play, 3 hours of media viewing)
UploadUSB-C power supply (full charge in about 2 hours)
IPD (inter-student distance)Adjustable
Space of playStationary support minimum of 2 x 2 m

"Everything is simple" is the first impression of Oculus Quest

The first thing I felt about Oculus Quest was that the design was simple and sophisticated. At first it seems like that. The entire body is clean and its surroundings are made from cloth. Therefore, the impression you receive is closer to the interior than to a small and difficult machine. There is a natural atmosphere that is likely to melt in everyday life, regardless of its location.

Paquet Quest Oculus

I just opened the box. It is an ordered and ordered package

Here you have the contents. Additionally, in the recently opened state, the FCC compliance sticker is stuck on the front of the headset. Remove when you use

Oculus Quest where the fabric is widely used

The product range includes the Oculus Quest main unit, two Oculus Touch, a power adapter, a USB-C cable, a glass tab, two AA batteries for the Oculus Touch and a simple instructions manual . The settings and the Oculus Touch are all you need, so it's very easy to understand how to play VR for the first time.

The use of a headset is an image that you enter on the tape after facing the band's head part and pulling it over the tape. There are velcro ribbons in the side and upper bands, where you can adjust the length. The installation method is also a simple finish.

Once the power is turned on, it will go to rest mode as soon as it is disconnected and will start quickly if it is re-inserted. It can be said that the ability to play immediately when you want to play is the mobility of an independent type.

The fast installation and the immediate start are good

The configuration is done with the Oculus application for iOS or Android. Log in to the application with your Oculus account or create a new one and match it with the Oculus Quest in front. All you have to do is follow the procedure and will complete about 10 minutes.

What is characteristic of the configuration in Oculus Quest is the "Guardian" configuration. "Guardian" is the area of ​​play to safely play adopted by the Oculus family.

In Oculus Quest, when configuring a tutor, it is possible to look around an external camera while wearing headphones (step function). Therefore, I draw "the border line that I can safely play" on the ground.

If you set a tutor, when you try to leave this area in a VR game, an effect like a warning will be displayed. The VR room scale can be played more safely, as it is known instantly that "Do not go further."

The tutor's parameters are easy and comfortable

Once the settings have been completed and released, the VR content "First Steps" will be launched automatically. That is, within the next 30 minutes to the opening of the box, it is a trick that can precipitate in a VR experience.

In "First steps," you can play mini-games, such as firing with a gun, some interactions such as grabbing a cube, hitting a ping pong ball with a table tennis racket and confirming the operation method of # 39; Oculus Touch. In particular, filming is designed to be as difficult as possible, so I recommend that you try to play once with the VR experience or with experienced people.

"Getting started" works as a tutorial

Adaptability and excellent mobility! Excellent without cable

The best of a VR headset integrated as Oculus Quest is that you can play anywhere. Because you can play alone without TV, PC, game console, etc. Oculus Quest can be effective if it is bright enough even in a room that you usually use to store. You do not need to configure an external sensor at the end of the room and decide that a specific room is a "VR room."

Getting rid of the cable is a great way to enjoy the game. For example, the player's movement = "SUPERHOT VR" action that progresses over time is the same.

In "SUPER HOT VR", basically, the enemy can not move unless the player starts to move, but the enemy moves when the player moves or attempts to attack. That is, it is important to read the opponent's action and avoid the blow and the blow of the enemy before doing a counterattack. It is a game that is both action and puzzle.

In this movie, it is not invincible just because time is up, if you read the enemy's movement badly, you can not avoid bullets or you can be surrounded by the enemy and become in a "jammed" state. . There is an incredible emotion to avoid bullets at the end, but if you can not limit the range of movements, you can also create your own strategy by moving the body more dynamically. To enjoy these VR-type room-based games, the integrated benefits are very large.

"SUPERHOT VR" that always captures the phase in the state of the array

In addition, the basic rhythm VR "Beat Saber", which has a sword like a beam in both hands and cuts cubes according to the rhythm, is a game in which both hands move strongly, although not it moves

If you touch the wire when you swing, it will make it difficult for you to focus on the situation in front of you, as you worry about the cable, and you also have to have a rule to limit the movement paying attention to the cable. However, this type of game really wants to move the sword comfortably. In this sense, Oculus Quest can change the sword without hesitation (although I would like to take care, of course).

In other words, with Oculus Quest, you can highlight the potential of VR games anywhere in the house. With the arrival of this product, I think the entry barrier to VR has been reduced.

"Beat Saber", which enjoys the maximum feeling of shaking the sword according to the sound of Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest continues to play opportunistically depending on the situation, but the loading duration is about 2 hours (around 100% → 90% in 4 to 5 hours of play), as shown by the specifications. He

These two hours may seem short as a "portable gaming console", but I think it's a good point of personal opinion. This is because if he continues to play for two hours, the pain in the neck that Oculus Quest places in tension is close to the limit.

If the pain in the neck is a measure of resting time, the battery for about 2 hours should be kept well

It does not matter how painful the neck is, if the game is interesting it can not be stopped, even if you want to stop it is the psychology of the players, but it can be stopped as an excuse if it is said that "recharge is necessary." You can take the headphones out before the players go beyond your physical limits, so it seems to be a good brake.

At the time of launching the Oculus Quest, more than 50 titles will appear in the store. The store is dedicated to Oculus Quest and the titles of Oculus Rift and the original titles destined for Quest are released.

Porting from Rift includes the mentioned "SUPER HOT VR" and "Beat Saber", etc. The original titles include "Dance Central", "Dead and Buried II" and "Sports Scramble".

Anyway, it is quite comfortable as a VR experience. Simple, sensitive, especially easy to handle. Built-in wireless VR headphones will become the mainstream in the future, so it is a product that can quickly experience its innovative speed.

Enter the touch of the original title at the same time!

The original titles of "Dance Central", "Dead and Buried II" and "Sports Scramble", which are the original titles of Oculus Quest, were really capable of playing, so I would like to convey the touch.

The Kinect Dance Game for Xbox 360 is revived with Quest! "Dance Central"

"Dance Central" is a dance game where the body moves according to the character's movement and compete for sheet music. Located in a fictional dance club, you can exchange contacts and receive messages dancing with the characters in each place.

There have been games to move the body according to the instructions to decide the dance, but in the case of this work, the highlight is the place corresponding to the configuration of the avatar and the multiple reproduction.

In the configuration of the avatar, you can choose between the genre and the look with a full body mirror. When you look at a character that moves in your own way, as it appears in the mirror of the whole body, feel that the avatar is yours. I think this is a unique effect of VR.

Reborn in your favorite appearance, let go of your feelings with dance. There is also a way in which you can practice for each part of the dance and you can study the movement of dance in depth.

Gungun move multi shooter "Dead and Buried II"

Although VR games that move alone are accompanied by the risk of being erased, "Dead and Buried II" is rather a moving shooter.

In the demo version, you could play a mode of death repeated repeatedly if you die. Immediately after reappearance, he keeps guns on both hips and the shotguns and shovels of grenades are on the map. Go to the map and change the weapons by taking them.

The movement is only possible to move forward, the left and the right are a mechanism that the screen changes with the package. The game is not familiar with the movement at the beginning. I feel a bit sick of movement, but when I get used to the feeling of speed that advances, I go and if I move my head as I look forward I can not be so serious.

When this happens, the fast multi shooter will be fun. Find weapons, listen to sounds, predict enemy positions and stun. It's a fun title as a multiplayer VR shooter, as it will be the content that surpasses the zombies in the product version.

Sport games "Sports Scramble" where the tools are messy

It looks like an orthodox sports game, but when you open the lid, it's a baseball game where you can launch a beach ball, roll a pineapple on the bowling or play with a series of disordered tools.

If you only look for the situation, such as "hack and nunchakus giraffe sticks and play tennis with basketball," etc., chaos is clearly indicated. Since the type of equipment is chosen for the ball and the racket is random, the game itself is still a game that will be played seriously, although it is unfortunate.

The demo version played baseball, bowling and tennis, but the product version added more types of sports and added a multiplayer mode. It's a movie that feels great as a party game how to play with friends.

It's natural that a computer environment is essential to enjoy a large-scale VR and so far, but I think the situation will change completely after Oculus Quest. The release date is imminent and what kind of transition will be shown in future VR games? We will continue focusing on the VR game movement.

Here is the start screen, the sharing function is like the next menu. "Making a photo" is a function that takes an image in a few seconds after returning to the game that is played. "Share a photo" is a function that can publish the photo on Facebook

The "cast" feature can reflect the screen of paired smartphones. Useful when you want to show your playback screen to family and friends, but you can not wait for resolution

Network search is possible with the built-in browser. The GAME Watch page was displayed

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