Thursday , July 7 2022

The syndicated loan plan of 163,000 million yen from Huawei – a foreign bank will not enter Bloomberg


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Photographer: Krisztian Bocsi / Bloomberg

Manufacturer of communication equipmentHuawei plans to raise 1,500 million dollars (about 163 million ebbers) from a Chinese bank. Several officials who are familiar with the situation have made it clear. It will be the first major debt financing since the US administration has taken a virtual seizure in May.

It is the first time that Huawei takes advantage of the market of offshore syndication loans without a single foreign bank. The aggregated data of Bloomberg was shown. While Huawei is preparing a loan that will be denominated in dollars of Hong Kong, it has not reached a final contract and the details can change, officials said. He said, on condition of anonymity, that he had no right to speak publicly.

As Huawei is at the center of the US-China conflict over commercial and key technologies, investors were seeing trends looking for clues about the company's access to financing. Last month, President Trump showed his intention to relieve some of the restrictions in Huawei, but the situation in the company's black list has not changed, and the supply of US suppliers will continue to be significant S & # 39; expects it to be limited.

I have asked for a comment from Huawei, but at the moment there is no answer.

Original title:Unusual 1.5 million dollar loan from Huawei, which only involves Chinese banks (excerpt)

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