Thursday , October 6 2022

Why does the new iPad Pro hold the refrigerator? | Ketic


Newly released on November 7 (Wednesday)iPad Pro.

The design was restored from the previous iPad, it became the bezel screen, and the home button was aborted.

Apple Pencil, Smart Keiboard also comes from the second generation, making it easy to use from the first generation of accessories.

The theme immediately after its release is that the iPad Pro is holding metal, like a refrigerator. (Please make sure you do not try to do this, as this is not the original method of use.)

【Kuick Nevs】 The new iPad Pro looks to be holding the refrigerator! ! !

Magnets "102 pieces" are mounted on the iPad Pro

This is because the iPad Pro has 102 magnets installed.

This magnet aims to make it easier to use accessories such as Apple Pencil and Smart Keiboard with magnet power.

Apple video video promotion "I think I connect the iPad and accessories separately, not separately, so we have 102 magnets, everything is perfectly decorated. It's explained as" It's System. "

New iPad Pro, Appearance – Apple

iPad Pro – Apple

Is the iPad Pro "faster than most laptops"? Bring the results of the test approaching MacBook Pro

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, the Smart Keyboard has become a legitimate evolution! What is the point of change / improvement from the previous model?

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