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♥ Kim Minky from Hong Iun-ha … Nice + cute


Happi Merid Compani, Studio One © News1

Kim Minki and Hong Iun-hva, a lover's representative, have finally reached a fruitful marriage on the 17th after a long love affair.

Hong Ioon – hva, a priest in the photo, has released a beautiful wedding dress in a beautiful white dress, and Kim Minky also shows a delicate taste in a beautiful ornament. In particular, two people who laugh at each other, look at the viewers warmly.

At the wedding ceremony, a large number of guests, including family members, friends and comedians, attended and celebrated the future of two people. The comedian, Jang Ji-hee, acted as the first part of the society and comedian Kim Ioung in the company of the other part in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Gag Voman Ioon Hio-eung's heartwarming speech conveyed the tears and laughter of Hong Yun – In addition, Ioo Jin-jin Flover, who was a long-time fan of Hong Iun-hva, and Kim Kiung-rock by V.O.S, Kim's best friend Kim Min Ki,

Especially Kim Min Ki called for the "Marry for Me" serenade, which he prepared for 6 months to write for this day, so Hong Ioon-hwa and even guests made a smile of clown.

In this way, Kim Min Ki and Hong Ioon Hva, who have become a couple at the end of a long day of 3135 days, expect more trust and unprepared love under the blessing of many people.

Kim Min Ki and Hong Ioonhwa, on the other hand, spread the happy virus to viewers through SBS Plus "Eating Out Dai" and Ioutube Channel "Hong Iun-hva Kim Minky". In addition, JDB Squares, a multicultural space, performs performances called "Tohakasho "and it fills the audience.

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