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[사설] Any political event should be the path to the nuclear dismantling of North Korea –


Entry 2019.07.01 03:20

Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Eun met for the third time in Panmunjom on day 30. Trump went beyond the line of military demarcation and commemorated a photo with Kim Jung Eun on the northern side of Panmunjom. The first president of the United States stepped on the land of North Korea. Moon Jae-in, accompanied by Panmunjom, and three great North Americans and North Koreans talked together. It is historical, in itself, that the leaders of the three nations of the war, about seventy years ago, were on the border where the war ceased. However, it is unclear what kind of success there was after learning about symbolism.

The agenda for the summit between the US and North Korea is the first and second is the nuclear dismantling of North Korea. If that is not the case, there will be no reason why the president of the superpower finds himself three times a year with the dictator of a small country on the other side of the planet. Negotiations between the U.S. and North Korea have not made any move after Hanoi Nodyl in February. Meanwhile, North Korea launched two new ballistic missiles that neutralize our defenses. The security environment in the Korean peninsula became more unstable. North Korea also had a ceremony to celebrate the accomplishment of the nuclear armed forces on the eve of Trump.

The day before the meeting, President Trump liked to share his greetings with Kim Jong Eun in Panmunjom, who will go to Korea soon. Choi Sun, from North Korea, said the first round of the "interesting suggestion" from the Foreign Ministry in five hours. In fact, from the moment of Trump's decision to visit Korea, there was talk of a surprise under water. There was no practical contact to coordinate the talk agenda. Instead of North Korea's nuclear talks, Kim Jung-eun responded to the Trump re-election event.

"Two years ago, before being elected president, the situation was very dangerous," Trump said. This means that you made the peninsula safe. Trump will use the meeting as a springboard for the challenge of re-election. It is also the same reason that Kim Jong Eun has been invited to Washington. Kim Jong Eun will also be a great help to the governing foundation with the presence of the residents that the president of the United States has asked to visit Panmunjom directly. Trump and Kim Jong Eun have also been politically benefitted from the denuclearization event.

Trump said US talks will begin soon. Kim Jong – eun has insisted on the discussion with Trump who does not know the nuclear problem. Trump is the key to whether the negotiating team, headed by the Secretary of State of Pompeii and the special representative of the North Korean government, will maintain the existing principle of complete, verifiable and irreversible nuclear dismantlement (CVID). Politicians can make tickets for events. I can not stop it. However, no matter what, the security of 51 million Koreans can not be sacrificed. We should not only touch the sanctions of North Korea, the only way to bring Kim Jong Eun to the nuclear neglect. Responsibility is on the shoulder of President Moon Jae-in.

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