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[사설] Visit Moon to Samsung


President Moon Jae-in presented his vision of becoming a total power of semiconductors by fostering system semiconductors at the ceremony of the "vision statement of the semiconductor system" held at the Samsung Electronics Hwasung site July 30 President Moon said: "Samsung Electronics has invested 133 trillions of won in 2030 and announced its goal of taking leadership in the world of the smelter." He applauded the goal of setting a great goal and actively supporting the government. "

The government announced its plans to invest 1 billion won in the development of semiconductor technology in the system for 10 years and gave it to Samsung Electronics. In particular, the investment of Samsung Electronics in semiconductors of system began with a connection with Cheong Wa Dae.

At a business meeting held in Cheong Wa Dae this January, Lee Jae-yong, vice president of Samsung Electronics, said: "If the company wants to grow, we have to make a new attempt." Samsung Electronics is also able to support non-memory areas, including semiconductor systems. As can be seen in the 30-day profit announcement, the memory semiconductor market has decreased and, in the first quarter of this year, the report recorded the worst in 10 consecutive quarters. In the memory sector, it is the strongest, but the sector that has no memory has a high amount of memory in the world market share of only 3%.
It's good to see that Mr. Moon responds to the efforts of Samsung Electronics to change the constitution of the Korean semiconductor industry through co-development without memory and to work through large-scale investments It is the fifth time that this year have met Moon and the Vice President Lee Jae-yong. Last year, President Moon attended the ceremony for the conclusion of the Samsung Electronics mobile phone factory in India, but this is the first time that Samsung Electronics has visited Korea. In particular, President Moon is likely to visit the industrial site despite the fact that the vice president's decision on misappropriation and bribery is made and that the decision is politically sensitive. This is due to the fact that political interpretation means that we can favor business activity rather than being linked. The best effort of a company is to make companies work more and regulate them to awaken the wild spirits of companies.

Now Korea's economy is in crisis, with exports, consumption and investment showing signs of weakness in semiconductors and the growth rate of the first quarter became negative. If President Moon does not actively promote the economy by increasing communication with companies such as, companies will be depressed and the economy will sink. By regulating the regulations and saving the business period, the investment is revived and jobs are increased. Hopefully President Moon's most proactive corporate action.
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