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[정치]President Moon “Securing Additional Vaccines for 20 Million NovaVaxes … Promoting Technology Transfer”

President Moon visits a vaccine slogan production plant … We urge you to prepare well
“Promotion of contracts for 20 million Nova Vax” A total of 76 million people
“Technology transfer contract is also promoted … The development of the domestic vaccine will be accelerated”
靑 “Technology transfer contract this month … Vaccine production is expected in May”

[앵커]President Moon Jae-in visited a factory dedicated to the production of vaccines from global pharmaceutical companies and said there is a possibility of getting an additional 20 million in addition to the currently insured vaccine of 56 million.

In particular, he said that this contract has a meaning to receive technology transfer and is expected to play an important role in accelerating the development of Korean vaccines.

This is reporter Cha Jung-yoon.

[기자]In the first year of the coronavirus outbreak in Korea, President Moon Jae-in visited a national vaccine production plant for AstraZeneca and NovaVax, a global pharmaceutical company.

After reviewing the vaccination process and the quality inspection process, President Moon called for full preparation for a quick and safe vaccination.

[문재인 / 대통령 : 이게 10명을 접종할 수 있다는 거죠?] [이상균 / SK 바이오사이언스 안동공장장 : 네, 그렇습니다.]

President Moon also announced news of negotiations with NovaVax.

In addition to the 56 million vaccines obtained previously, it is said that it is possible to insure a total of 76 million, up to 20 million.

[문재인 / 대통령 : 2,000만 명분의 백신을 추가로 확보할 가능성이 열렸습니다. 정부도 전량 선구매를 통해 추가 물량으로 확보할 계획입니다.]

In particular, President Moon said this contract has special significance for receiving not only production but also technology transfer, and assessed that the development of domestic vaccines could be accelerated.

It is possible to produce additional quantities separately from the production of existing consignments and, through this, all vaccines produced can be supplied to Korea.

The Blue House predicted that the technology transfer contract will be completed this month as early as this month and that the technology transfer vaccines will take place before June and already in May.

President Moon held a video conference with President Nova Bax to thank him and promised full administrative support.

[강민석 / 대변인 : (문 대통령은)지금 추진중인 계약이 신속히 완료되길 기대하며, 한국정부도 노바백스 백신의 기술 이전에 따른 생산과 공급 필요한 행정적 지원을 적극적으로 해 나갈 것이라고 약속했습니다.]

The government plans to build massive immunity by November at the latest with a sufficient and sufficient number of vaccines.

Separately, President Moon expressed his willingness to support the development of vaccines of domestic companies to the end to ensure the sovereignty of vaccines.

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