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[클릭 e종목]"Hanah Pharm, new drug" Remi Maazolam "ensuring the growth engine"


[아시아경제 유현석 기자] Research analysts said that on January 1, Hana Pharma was expected to grow from a new medication anesthetic "Remi Maazolam." The fair value of 36,000 KRW was presented.

Hana Pharmaceutical is a specialized pharmaceutical manufacturer established in 1978. He was enrolled in Kospi last October. Anesthetics, narcotic analgesics, circulatory and fire extinguishers, and much more.

Choi Sung-hwan, researcher,

Han Pharm

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2019.06.28 15:30 (delayed 20 minutes)

"Remi Maazolam is a new drug developed by Pioneer in Germany. It is complemented with the disadvantages of" MIDASOLAM "and" PROPOLOL ", which are commonly used as narcotic drugs. It is being evaluated as a next-generation anesthetic."

"The stability of Remy Maazolam has already been verified by the approval of Phase 3 clinical trials in Japan, the United States and South Korea," he said in the past. "It is expected to be available in Japan this year because it takes about a year to obtain a license after the application has been submitted. "

"We are looking to send us to Korea from 2020 to 2021," he said. "There are three major areas where we can contribute to revenue through Remy Maazolam."

Choi said: "Since Remy Maazolam has significantly improved the disadvantages of existing anesthetics, it is expected that the market for anesthetic agents will be absorbed at a rapid pace after its release and it will be possible to achieve a market share Significant as of 2021, "We are also in the process of negotiating the rights of Pyon with Southeast Asia (six countries, including Thailand), and the market for anesthetics in Southeast Asia led Hana Pharma will be estimated at 150,000 million dollars, which is expected to be a growth driver to obtain rights. "

"We are expecting a license for the sale of Remy Maazolam to the Japanese market by the end of the year," he said. "Hanah Pharma, who is building a mass production facility, is also interested in entering the Japanese market through production commissioned (OCM).

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