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10 NK strikes seem to be linked to success … Two-day coma

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Shin Dong-ieop, the broadcaster, said he had suffered a dizzying fire accident that threatened him.

In the Entertainment Program of the MBC "Realization Ekploration Team" broadcast today (14) at 20:55, Shin Dong-ieop from the National MC reveals his story that he almost missed the debut in the entertainment industry and hoped for his childhood.

Shin Dong-ieop revealed his anecdote, which was in a coma two days after a fire accident when he was 20 years old. When he walked out to escape from the scene of the fire, Shin Dong – ieop, who could not move in the heat that melted through his flesh, called his friend's name with him. Shin Dong-ieop thanked the firefighters for their efforts, saying that they would lose their life if firefighters were not saved at that time.

Also, when he got knowledge of his esteemed business, he said that he had friends who wrote "Shin Dong-ieop" as the first job he wanted to be when he was a kid. Shin Dong-ieop said: "I used the TV when I was in the sixth grade of primary school, and I envied people to listen to the entertainers.

On the other hand, today I met a firefighter who was sent to Hongcheon Fire, who was impressed with the newer helmet images that went down, and then explored the reality of the Korean hero, the fireman. The story of Kim Jung-geun and Gang Dasomi in the story of the life of firefighters who plan to awaken awareness of frequent fire accidents is what the story will be about. And it is possible to confirm this in the investigative unit.

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