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& # 39; Comeback & # 39; raion "Rachel Iamagata Opening, it was an honor to"

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The Korean-Japanese joint band BEON (Joon Hva) testifies Jo Han to perform Rachel Iamagat's performance from the inside.
On October 16, at 16 o'clock at the Hongdae Rolling Hall in Mapo-gu, in Seoul, an exhibition for the release of Vion's regular album "TRIANGLE" (triangle) was held.
"It was a very famous moment," Jo Han-ja recalled, "When Rachel Jamagata came to perform the show, she stood at the beginning of a theater performance in Seoul." Jo Hallie said: "Rachel Jamagata stared at my video and said:" If I had seen this before, I would stand with you on the scene. "The performance of Rachel Iamagata Iamagata in the future if you come to the scene to get together to give me a positive answer was happy to skip," he said.
On the other hand, this title song "Viona" is a poem featuring powerful and gentle vocals of vocals and a brilliant tricolor instrument that begins with an introduction. Beginning with the release of the album, Rain will meet with fans throughout the various stages.
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