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& # 39; Shin Seo-uki 6 & # 39; Kang Ho-dong? Is the name of the lion wrong?


[스포츠조선 김영록 기자]Gang Ho-dong from "Seo Jukki 6" complained about the suspicion of "gangs".

At 18. TVN, Shin Sungkiulgi 6. Jae-bong Gi-bong Gi-bong Gi-bong, six fruits (Gangho-dong Lee Su-keun, Eun Ji-hiun Ahn Jae-hiun Song Min- ho Pio) traveled to Sapporo.

The new Southwest 6 Brothers returned to Korea. It was the Dragon Dragons Day, but there was no Dragon Ball. Gang Ho-dong said: "I tried to turn to Hokkaido and did nothing."

The production team issued a total of 12 random lucky boxes, saying they had prepared a small event. Inside the box was a set of delicious meat and a set of cool vessels made by the crew. Only one team that won the game 2: 2: 2 had the right to take one present. Eun Ji Von – Lee Su Geun, Ahn Jae Hiun – Kang Ho Dong and Song Min Ho – Pio formed teams.

The quiz was "Speaking the Name of a Person". Ahn Jae-hiun was frustrated after responding to "Alle Leo!" To "Galileo". Song Minho laughed at the audience saying "Pianu!" To Keanu. Eun Ji Von and Lee Soo-keun, "Only one match won?", "Chances, but no goalkeeper," he laughed.

Like their confidence, they won the first round with Cleopatra, Steve Jobs, Lionel Messi, Elvis Presley and Cristiano Ronaldo. The first selection was the top three, and the object was a bracelet on the model. Lee Soo-geun broke the man's hand when the bracelet did not fall well, and he smiled, saying, "I did it because I saw a big escape."

In the second round, Eun Ji-von – Lee Soo-keun first scored two points with "King of Baking Kim Tong-koo" and "My name is Kim Sam-soon" Gang Ho-dong said: "It's strange that everyone they know the problem. I do not know why. " Kang Ho-dong said: "I do not know the speed of others and I can not say who's wrong." The other product was a "weird set of gifts".

The third round was the best-selling name. Kang Ho-dong – Ahn Jae-hiun won the first prize in four unexpected problems, but their choice was "Vet Tissue 100".

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