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& # 39; SKI Castle & # 39; Cool Kim Biung-cheol vs. Varm Cho Jae-ioon, Infinite Transformation of Nev-Debuts – News Captured in the Eyes News Visible

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Kim Biung Chul and Cho Jae Ioon will show coolness, warmth and temperature differences. However, both are real characters.

Kim Bieong-cheol plays the role of Professor Cha Min-hiuck and Jae Jae-ioon plays the role of Professor of Orthopedic Surgery Voo Ianga in the new background of JTBC "SKI Castle" (play by Ioo Hiunmi, directed by Hiun-tak). The ambition for a higher level is like everyone else, but with two completely different characters that choose to succeed. Kim Bieong-cheol and Cho Jae-ioon are proud of their wide-caracteristic digestive power.

Kim Bieong-chul told Minhiuku he chose "SKI Castle" because he said: "It's a person who can be called a higher class, but he is a poor person who has no realities." In order to overcome the deep-rooted complexity of the birth, Min-hieoka's cold was filled with the desire to make two sons and Kennedy's family in Korea.

On the other hand, as Cho Jae-ioon explained, Iangvoo is "a family husband and son of a stupid one who takes family happiness as a priority." The reason Jo Joe-ioon, who mostly played a powerful image caught in the SKI Castle which is "Ioo-voo is a warm character with a nice and naive, but somewhat boring angle."

There is a difference in the temperature difference between Minhieok and Iangvoo, as well as the difference in the weight between the characters. According to Kim Bieong-chul and Cho Jae-ioon, Minhiuk is "a father who is difficult and selfish, but can not hate when he looks back at life," and Iangu is the easiest and easiest character and will be in charge of the SKI atmospheric manufacturer Castle. At first glance there is the most obvious common denominator for two characters who seem to walk the other way. In the SKI trap, where you are all the best, no more than 0.1% lives you, "It's a real character, like the head of a family living at that age."

And that is that. Kim Bieong-cheol and Jo Jae-ioon, both actors bear the weight of their care. "Minhiuk is passionate fathers who are responsible for the education of their twin sons, and the ambition to climb to the top of the pyramid." "As the drama evolves, there is a crack in the pussy as a cunt, and I try to express it convincingly so that this process can be understood." "Iowa is like other Koreans who have to live for the happiness of their families." Joe Jae-Jon also said: "I am trying to show the character of a real character who is humiliated to live, sometimes looking at the boss's attention." He said. The passion and effort of two actors who deeply engage in work by interpretation of each character contributes to the story of men "SKI Castle".

Finally, Kim Biung Chul and Jo Jae Ioon added a sense of breath to actors who believe and see. Kim Bieong-cheol, who is expected to have good aura for good people, said: "I'm very happy and honored to be able to play with such great actors. What do you need more than you say you are happy?" So we are looking forward work with two perfect actors, and not just variation of characters, but chemistry with actors.

In the meantime, "SKI Castle" is a real comedy drama that looks at the desperate wishes of the women of famous women who want to raise their husbands as kings and my children as the first prince and princess in the SKI trap where the highest 0.1% of Korea live. Cho Hiun-taek, who directed "The Balance of God", "Gangseumtal" and & # 39; Golden Cross & # 39; and directed the & # 39; Property, & # 39; Huaiu & # 39; and & # 39; Vitch Guardian & # 39; together, they joined forces. The third attraction will be followed by the first JTBC show on Friday, November 23 at 23h.

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