Wednesday , September 28 2022

"53 kilos (53 kilograms) each day"


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Painful and tired practice & # 39; / photo = TVN broadcast screen

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[스포츠투데이 추승현 기자] The accounting firm has discovered its weight at "kindergarten".

On the ninth cable television show TVN entertainment program "Dazzling Sudon Practice", a couple of daily lives were made pair of virtual pairs.

River Austin has prepared a bungee jump event for money. The two decided to launch the bungee in the wedding dress together.

Two men had to weigh less than 138 pounds, and the Austin River first climbed on the scale. It was found that Austin's weight was 77kg, and when it grew, a total of 131kg was found. We found a weight of 54 kg.

Accounting is shameful and "I'm 52 or 53kg in the original. That's the idol."

Chung Seung-hiun reporter [email protected]

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