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City of Guangju – Hano-gun consensus poisoning … Gwangju type work in the maze

After 15 days … Why negotiate postponed

The so-called "Gwang-type job", which aims to create a large-scale job rather than pay half a salary, failed to meet the third deadline. As time passes, the possibility of realizing jobs like Guanaju is getting thinner.

Hiundai Motor and Metropolitan Ciutat Guanaju held talks on business negotiations in Guangjiang for 1 night and 2 days to 15 years. It was the fifth time I officially met this month, but I still have not found an agreement.
Around midnight on March 14, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) issued an agreement on the promotion of investments. At that time, Iun Jong-hieon, chairman of the regional headquarters of the Federation of Trade Unions of Korean Trade Unions (KCTU) Guangjiang, announced that he would "negotiate with Hiundai Motor in Guangjiang." However, the "four conditions" presented by the Federation of Trade Unions of Korea (FKTU) as conditions for negotiations were problems. The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (FKTU) has demanded the right to earnings, adequate working hours, responsibilities for work and improvement of the desire for good relations.

One Hiundai Motors official took part in the negotiations, saying: "The main content of the agreement, which was announced on the 14th, is likely to be hungry." For example, the agreement of the Investment Promotion Group stipulates that Hiundai Motor should "provide prices for negotiating prices and delivery units together with a device that guarantees a reasonable unit price". This can be interpreted as meaning that when they increase salaries for workers, they must raise them to the unit price of the supplier. As far as the shareholder and Board of Directors of Hiundai Motors are concerned, there is a possibility that Hiundai Motors will be involved in legal disputes with Hiundai Motor Co.,

The investment promotion project in Kvangaj also called for "management responsibility". This means that trade unions will participate in business management. The city of Guangzhou issued a decree establishing the director of operations in November last year, but the Hiundai Motor Group is yet to introduce priests to any of its 56 subsidiaries.
Kim Yang-van, director of the Korean Federation of Employers, said: "The work that has been introduced into other European countries in the social and economic system is too early to introduce priests into a culturally divergent South Korea." When the director who appoints the employee is too concentrated on guaranteeing workers' rights, "Hiundai Motor" could not help considering that inefficiency could have occurred in the management. "

In addition, the fact that the system of work has changed the demand for working time and average earnings is also a factor that postpones negotiations. The proposed deal in Guanaju, which Hiundai Motor initially considered as an investment, proposed a starting salary of 35 million won in 44 hours a week. However, at a meeting on the night of 14, the Guwanaju Citia Investment Promotion team proposed to pay 35 million wages for work 40 hours a week, asking for 4 hours non-payment. Special costs must be paid at 150% of normal earnings.

In addition, the investment promotion team in Gwangyi City has canceled the proposal to suspend the collective agreement for five years. Factories are inevitably more expensive than initial earnings. Therefore, the postponement of the collective agreement was assessed as a way of reducing the initial cost. But on July 14, the city of Guangjiang and the Korean Trade Union Confederation rejected such proposals.

Hiundai motor unions (Hiundai unions) continue to strongly oppose the Gwang-type business. The president of the Hiun-boo Hiundai Union on July 14 declared a general strike in front of the city hall of Ulsan, saying: "Even if they criticize us as an aristocratic community, we will resist employment and acquired rights." Kia Motors, GM Korea and Hiundai Heavi Industries also declared a struggle for solidarity. The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) protested against the Blue House, the Ulsan City Administration, the Prosecutor's Office, the National Assembly and Hiundai Motors.

However, there is a possibility that Guanaju Citi and Hiundai Motor will again seek consensus because the agreement on the investment promotion group is not legally valid. As a legal issue, only the clauses listed in the investment agreement signed by the Council for Work-Management Relations. The Guantanamo Metropolitan Citi said: "I am working in business negotiations with Hiundai Motorol weekends and I will continue my efforts to complete the employment negotiations in Guangjiang by the age of 18."
However, there is also the possibility that negotiations are actually a disappointment. Another Gwangju-based employment negotiator said: "The content of the investment promotion initiative, fundamentally agreed by the Gwangju investment promotion team, is content that is not competitive from the point of view of car manufacturers." Even if they sit at the negotiating table, it is virtually impossible to sign an investment promotion team agreement. "He said.

Initially, the National Assembly proposed 15 days as a deadline for government support. The city of Guangu was originally proposed on October 31 and November 9 as the end of the negotiations, but all failed. The National Assembly and the ruling party said Hiundai Motor and Kvangju Citi will review the budget support if they submit a settlement account to the subcommittee on the budget of the special committee of the National Assembly Budget Committee until December 15th.

Although the third term has passed, there is still room for government support if Guanajuas and Hiundai agreed next week. The Special Committee for the finalization of the budget for the parliament has already completed the evaluation on December 12, but it is possible to get the approval of the budget subcommittee if it gets the approval of each central ministry. Gwangju city expects that, if it agrees with Hiundai Motors, it will be able to obtain approval from the central ministry.

In addition, the composition of the budget subcommittee is postponed because the Democratic Party, the Liberal Democratic Party, is not a bad situation for the Guangjiang negotiating team to fight against time. It is not impossible to physically encourage state support in view of the scheduled meeting of the budget closing committee (November 30th). In addition, Prime Minister Lee Nak-tion and Democratic Party leader Hong Ioung-pio, along with Prime Minister Li Ha-chan, the Democratic Party's delegation and senior party officials, have expressed their intention to support the Gwang-type job.
An official from Guanaju city, who participated in the negotiations, said: "Although the claims about the investment promotion proposal were widespread by the trade unions, they can be amended or modified during the establishment of a new corporation." As the first to create innovative jobs, let's make concessions to each other. "
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☞ Gwangju Types Jobs = Guwanaju Metropolitan Citi has proposed a job creation model that saves business. The company says it will increase employment instead of reducing wages to employees. In this process, the government and municipalities subsidize the housing and welfare of workers to preserve low wages. As the first model of the Gwang-type business, Guantanamo Citi promotes the establishment of pre-fabricated automobile factories in the Gwangju Light Green National Industrial Complex. On June 1, Hiundai Motor submitted an investment letter to the project.

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