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Do you avoid yellow vitamin C? Seasonal food




More and more people are looking for hospitals because of the cold weather and frequent monitoring of dust. Medical Center Asan, Medical Center in Seoul Asan, Professor Kwon, Hiuksoo, helped me to find habits in life and food that can improve my immune system.

Sufficient sleep and mental health

The effect of sleeping on health is clear enough that there is no further explanation. Insufficient sleep can cause immunity due to hormonal imbalance. Also, when fatigue builds up, mental health problems such as depression can be caused and exacerbation of immunity can worsen.
Mental health is an important factor in the formation of immunity. Positive thoughts can affect neurohormones and increase immunity. If you can not control your illness yourself, you will get medicines such as antidepressants and stabilizers with the help of a specialist in mental health medicine. Depression and mental health are particularly closely related to each other, so care must be taken.

Avoid excessive skin cleansing

We are concerned that if there are many bacteria around us, we will try to live so clean. However, it is not good to be too pure as exposure to different types of bacteria will result in a healthier immune system. Everyone knows it's not good to kill intestinal bacteria with antibiotics. To be healthier I eat lactic acid bacteria deliberately. Otherwise, it is not understandable to clean the skin with a cleaner to remove bacteria and push time. In addition to the bacteria in our body is the skin. Like intestinal lactobacilli, healthy skin supplements increase the immunity of our body. In the last 3 to 4 years, the International Immunology Association has divided many results related to the positive effects of normal bacteria of the intestine and skin on the immunological maturation of the body. Sooner or later, the day of applying good fungus to the skin can come. We avoid excessive hygiene. However, your hands are "over", "often" and "well."

Avoid yellow vitamin C.

Vitamin C also helps in immunity. Tablets with vitamin C should only be eaten white. When white vitamin C is oxidized, it becomes yellow, so cheap vitamin C is already oxidised and puts a light yellow pigment to cover vitamin C that is not effective.
Vitamin C is soluble in water, and even if you consume excessive amounts of vitamin C, the remaining vitamin C is released into the urine and there is no toxicity in the body. In some cases, the risk of kidney stones has increased in recent studies of people taking 25,000 doses of high vitamin C levels. Loss and Diarrhea are the most common side effects. These side effects can be avoided by meal foods after a meal or by dividing several times with appropriate dose reduction.
Most immune cells have a vitamin D receptor that can react directly with vitamin D. Recent immunology studies have shown that vitamin D improves the ability of the immune system to kill bacteria and viruses. It also increases the function of leukocytes such as NK cells and T lymphocytes to reduce the incidence of infection. It has also been reported that it actually reduces the infection of HIV and influenza viruses that cause AIDS. In large epidemiological studies, it is known that lack of vitamin D increases the risk of allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases and inflammatory bowel disease. Vitamin D is a vitamin that synthesizes the body when it receives sunlight, so in the past this was rarely lacking. However, many people in Korea are missing in the synthesis of vitamin D due to the use of inner life and an ultraviolet saloon. In the western part, milk that extends from vitamin D is supplemented with a lot of milk, but in Korea, milk intake is also low, and this phenomenon of deficiency is more pronounced.
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