Tuesday , June 22 2021

Epic Games announces plans for the work of the stand Jisute

Epic Games Korea (general manager of Park Sung-chul) announced plans to manage a stand with a bird-watching view at the G-Star 2018 stand.

At the Epic Games Jisuta stand, which can boast a total of 100 cabins, you will be able to see Port Nite directly. We'll show you portals with a total of four different devices, including PC, Plaistation 4, Android and iOS mobile devices.

In addition to the demonstrations, various Fortnight events are also taking place. A total of 20 best creators of the game, such as Crocodile, Fengvoli, IangjiaoDazu, VuJingIing, SuSeo and SurfMan, participate in the Grand Prix "Streamer Brothers Grand Prix", which includes players from professional teams such as C9, Kong Husk, OP Gaming and VGS It is.

G-Star 2012 Epic Games booth.

G-Star 2012 Epic Games booth.

In addition, the Bear Crev dance will perform the Dance Challenge in accordance with the Fort Drum dance drum, and on the spot you can see Porna School Live, a fun educational program in which the famous Striger causes a special mission. A joint Golden Rama Time event, featuring Curve Deck, PlaiStation 4 Pro, GeForce GTX 1070 and Xenon Gaming Chair, is also held every day.

You can also directly experience Unreal Engine technology. In Siglof 2017, the project "MIT MICK", in which digital human beings with detailed eyebrows and skin are made in real time with 90 frames VR, is followed by the uncomfortable valley GDC 2018 (Uncanny Vallei) The technology used for "Siren "(Siren), which is estimated to have surpassed a real-life digital human being, will be ready for a digital space for a human experience that is real-time driven by visitor pressure using a touch screen monitor.

"Real Time Time Trace: Speed ​​of Light" Experiment Zone has a real-time Rai Tracing Tech demo based on the evolution of the new rendering of Unreal Engine and NVIDIA Turing Architecture, RTX technology and the Porsche 911 Speedster Concept Car in Sigg 2018. It is possible to experience directly through the monitor screen.

You can also experience Face AR, a demo that makes it easy to create data about taking faces from Unreal Engine using the Apple ARK Face Tracking System with devices outside Apple's iPhone. It receives information on facial expression and head position provided by the Apple AR motorcycle kit via the Live Unreal Engine plug-in in real time and becomes the character of a boy and a kid and can be fun to directly manipulate the expression and movement of the head.

Red Rover, Dekter Studio, NineM Interactive and other Unreal engines. Red Rover can experience VR interactive animation "Buddi VR" made with IP nos animation. Buddi VR is a combination of VR animations and game elements and won the Best VR Experiments at the 2018 International Film Festival festival in Venice.

Dekter Studio, a comprehensive studio that implements content planning and production at the beginning of VFKS technology, works with two parts of "VR Toon Joe", which created VR in the webtone section of the popular webtone artistboard. And "From Earth".

NineM Interactive is a 3: 3 football game Superstar Soccer, a real-time enjoyable game. "Superstar Soccer" is another work by NineM Interactive, the Ultimate Tennis developer, who recorded 15 million downloads worldwide. It's a game that shows real moves and graphics, but it also has a strong arcade taste.

On the second floor of the cabin there is a special meeting room for partner seminars and consultations with Unreal Engine developers. There is also a cozy living room.

Epic Games Korea Park Director Sung-chul said: "Epic Games took part in G-Star every time, but I only run B2B cabin, so I really met the players for the first time. I hope you will have the chance this time to play on Epic Games tournaments. "

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