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Ex-manager of "Do-Chang"



From now on, I will explain what we learned about the incident. Meanwhile, it is known that Mr. Chang has been forced to entertain societies and entertain societies for the CEO of Kim. However, according to the JTBC report, the investigation team of the past investigation of the prosecutor's office confirmed that "Jang's first written documents had a statement that Jang was seriously violated. "

It's Park Byung-hyun.


You are in front of a Songpa-gu music agency in Seoul.

The representative director of Yumo appears.

[유모 씨/연예기획사 대표 : 아 진짜 쫓아오지 마시라고요. 카메라 치워주시고요. (인터뷰) 안 할 거예요. 아! 안 한다고요.]

Yoo refused to ask for the journalist's interview and left the car on the motorcycle.

In the past, Yoo worked as a manager at the Ko Jang Nature agency and created his own agency.

Especially, he helped create a so-called "Chang-nyung-mun", which remained before he died.

In March 2009, when he broke his life, he announced for the first time in the press the existence of the document.

As a result of the JTBC report, Yoo stated last month about the unknown content of the interview with the research team about the past history of the prosecution.

"I wrote the first article written by Jean-Nae, who was seriously violated, and I told him to erase it," he said.

In fact, there is no mention of sexual abuse, although there are cases of sexual drinks and entrepreneurs in the "Zhang Nature Documents".

Then, the focus of the investigation was forced and assaulted against Jang.

He also stated that he declared that he can not say who the rape was.

However, Yu said he exchanged some of his statements in a conversation with the research team after the interview, saying: "Jang had said something similar, but he did not ask."

According to reports, the research team obtained a statement from another official to support the suspicion of Jang's sexual assault.

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