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Fake news about actor Seo Yi-sook: “heart attack” The agency “plans to sue”


Actress Seo Yi-sook. News 1

False news about the death of actor Seo Yi-sook has circulated twice this year alone and the agency predicted a strong response.

On the 20th, at 4:49 pm, the online community “DC Inside”[단독] Actor Lee Sook Seo has died of a heart attack today … There was a post titled “Internet Condolences”.

The message contained the names of specific media and journalists. The text, written in the form of a copy and pasted from a news article, contained information that Seo Yi-sook died at his home on the 19th.

Surprised netizens continued to lament, but it turned out to be “fake news” maliciously written by an antifan. Seo Yi-sook did not die and it was confirmed that there was no fact that he wrote this article in the relevant media. An article on the death of Seo Yi-sook was also published in July. Quantum E&M said: “We plan to file a lawsuit after the holidays.

Jang Yeon-je, reporter [email protected]

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